Thursday, December 6, 2012

2 {of Jim's} concerts in 2 days = one HAPPY Scotty

Scotty has been so excited for a few days now since Jim told him that Tuesday & Wednesday night he could go to his choir & world drumming concert!!! My mom invited Scotty to something at her church Wednesday night however he said he could not go to that because he was going to Jim's concert at the college!!!

Concert #1 ~ College Choir/Men's Chorus Concert
My mom went with us to the concert however Scotty made sure we knew he was riding home with Jim in his TRUCK!!!
That's one of his favorite things to do! :)

Concert #2 ~ World Drumming
This was AMAZING!!!
Jim is a phenomenal drummer ~ I'm not just saying that cuz he's my husband
REALLY ~ it blew me away!!!

Nat went with us to the drumming concert
Can you tell Scotty loves Natalie?!?!? So sweet!!!

After the world drumming concert, various jazz ensembles put on a fantastic concert.
Let me tell you ~Scotty was in 7th heaven!!!

Jim is taking him today to college so the chamber choir can sight read an African mass choir song Jim wrote for his theory class!!!
 It just is beyond me how he can write music like that!!!
{I'm just a tad bit proud of my husband}
So blessed!!!