Saturday, July 28, 2012

Pickin' & junkin' with much fun

Jim & I both have enjoyed so many aspects of being in this "junking" world. We have learned so much and still continue growing and learning. Part of the fun is the HUNT to find treasures. 

Last weekend as we celebrated our anniversary, we were in Sandpoint visiting friends and went on up to Bonners Ferry and managed to squeeze in some "picking" {as we call it} and had a blast doing so! I'm quite sure it was even more fun to do with friends Jennifer & Nathan and their 2 year old son Glenn!!! Jennifer is owner of the Funky Junk Antique Show and that BIG show is coming up this Labor Day weekend in Sandpoint. 3 Craft Chicks has 2 booths there so we were both were looking for "just the right piece" to add to our spaces at Funky Junk! 

We both SCORED!!!

Even Glenn left this "pick" happy as his favorite find was a

Friday, July 27, 2012

Savoring the simple joys in life

Life passes us by so very quickly ~ too quickly as far as I'm concerned and I was reminded of that again as I looked at some pictures of Natalie & Saylah. There is so much joy and pleasure in the simple things...i.e. playing outside, picking flowers, making wishes, blowing kisses...
 the list could go on & on...

These pictures were taken about 3 months ago and so the proof  is in the pudding of how fast everyday  goes by...

pictures of these 2 just a few days ago...
Sure would love to know what these 2 were talking about...

Hoping we all take time & enjoy life to the fullest!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Celebrating our 25th ~ Couer d'Alene & Sandpoint

It has been such a busy summer so far and Jim & I were finally able to celebrate our anniversary this past weekend! We were given a wonderful & generous gift from my mom and Grandpa Al & Grammy Pat of a nights stay at The Couer d'Alene Resort! It was such a gorgeous weekend and the timing was perfect!!!
We always see our girls taking their own pictures so we thought we would try it! We were both laughing so hard by the end because at least in this one all of our faces are in it...

So here it is...from start to finish & everything in between...
Perfect timing on Friday when we were leaving town...
{ for those of you who don't know ~ 1/2 price drinks between 2 and 5 p.m.}

Our view from the deck off our lovely room...
What a blessing to have the weather turn out so beautifully! Just as we were leaving Spokane there was a HORRIBLE storm of thunder, lighting and hail and it was pouring buckets & buckets! I thought we were may be watching the storm from our room but it passed and was so lovely just as we arrived in
 Couer d'Alene!!!

DELICIOUS dinner at The Dockside...

Took a walk along the BOARDWALK
This is the world's largest floating boardwalk!

We were on the 11th floor!!!

We bought these {very} FUN quiz books & did them on Friday evening ~ they get a whole blogpost all their own...

Breakfast at The Dockside...

Now we're off to SANDPOINT...
Gotta LOVE the $1.00 large drinks at McDonalds {COKE is IT in our family}

We stayed the rest of the weekend at our dear friends Nathan & Jennifer's farm and had the BEST time. We went on up to Bonner's Ferry for Crazy Dayz and had a blast, we went "picking" as we're all getting ready for the upcoming Funky Junk Antique Show {Jennifer hosts that amazing show}, ate a yummy mexican food dinner in Bonner's and just enjoyed being together! On Sunday we drove around and looked at different properties & farms...
my heart is so drawn to this beautiful area!!!

Welcome to Shingle Mill B&B {as I like to call it}

Bonner's Ferry

So, I think since it was such a busy & fun weekend...
I'll take notes from Glenn and 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

my OASIS friends...

Heather, JonElla, June, Linda, Sue Stephanie & Michele 
~ missing one of our group at this luncheon ~ Pam!
This group of ladies have come to mean alot to me. I met them all {except of course my mom} through a ladies bible study at Lifecenter Church called Oasis. I only attended a few months but in that short period grew to love and adore each of these dear women. It is so fun because still when they get together and have lunch outside of bible study they always invite me!!!

When I got home yesterday I looked up the word OASIS in the dictionary...

1. A fertile spot in a desert where water is found
2. A pleasant or peaceful area or period in the midst of a difficult, troubled or hectic place or situation

I think that definition sums it up perfectly!!!

 Life can be and is very hard at times and the oasis of friends in the midst of that is so refreshing. Life is also full of happy moments and it is so fun to share that with these friends also!!! Another aspect I simply relish about each one of my OASIS friends is they are REAL!!! REAL is good and often times now a days is a rare find!!!

Yesterday we met for lunch at the

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


When cleaning out Grandma Lorraine & Grandpa Bernie's home this past month we found many treasures. 

Well, at least they are TREASURES to me (us).

Jim originally took these jars because of the nails inside. He then realized after looking at them, I would want the jars!!!
 Now isn't that LOVE???? 
He "gets" me!!


a FAIRTALE wedding ~ Sara & Cody

Mr. & Mrs. Cody Hulsizer

One of the many benefits I received from my time working as a caregiver for Comfort Keepers was becoming friends with the family of my beloved client! I had been with my sweet client {CJH} for over 4 years and during that time had built such a special and wonderful relationship with many of her family. One of those family members was her great granddaughter, Sara. She is such a sweet, kind and talented young woman and I always enjoyed spending time with her. Sara is a very courageous person and battled cancer several years ago long before I knew her. She witnessed many friends leave this earth due to cancer yet she never gave up and continues helping young people now as they face the fierce battle of cancer. She is an inspiration to those around her!!!

This is Sara during her chemo ~ look at that light that was still in her beautiful eyes!

I truly admire this amazing individual and am so blessed to call her 
Ashley {Sara's sister}, the BRIDE and me :)

The wedding took place at Rocking K Ranch in Deer Park, WA
on July 15, 2012
It was the perfect place for such an event!

Sara's brother, Christopher escorting their Grandma Marilyn

Grandma Patty, Christopher & Grandpa Sterling

Grandma Sandy

Mother of the Bride ~ my beautiful friend Kathy and her son Chris

It was so perfect when we heard the "clip-clop" of horses only to witness this...

Now for the moment that made all of us guests literally gasp...
{PROUD} Father of the Bride ~ Doug and sweet Sara

The morning of the wedding it was storming {thundering, lightning & raining} however by 5:00 p.m. the storm had passed and blue skies and sunshine prevailed!!!

Ready for their

Her great grandma Connie's Fostoria glasses used for the toast ~

Cake topper ~ perfect since Sara is a photographer!

Reception and other fun parts...
 Sara's sister Ashley & her husband Andrew Ward ~
They are also newlyweds!!! :)

The TOAST...


I had the best time seeing many friends that I had not seen in far too long...
Cami & Shelly ~ Cousins

Such a beautiful wedding!