Monday, January 28, 2013

A sneak peek into 3 Craft Chicks shop progress...

Saylah was with us this past Saturday as we were all up at the shop working and she wants to give you a tour of the progress we're making...

This room will have die cut machines, rubber stamps and other tools for hours of scrap booking and paper crafting fun!!!

After cleaning up this room, Saylah had the best time running around and playing peek-a-boo through the door that wasn't put back together yet...
It doesn't take much to make this munchkin happy!!!
Oh the way...don'tcha just adore these chubby 2 year old hands???????????

Where oh where will I be putting a couple of my amazing awnings???
It still makes me SMILE when I see the awnings and realize they are MINE!!!
It's also a great reminder that if you don't ask the question, you won't get an answer and what is the worst that can happen??? The answer could be "no" however in this case it was "yes"!!! {Remember I had seen these advertised on Craig's list a couple months before beginning 3 Craft Chicks and didn't have a need for them BUT  THEN after starting our little business wondered if they had I contacted Serena Thompson and they were still AVAILABLE!!!

A great example of sisterly love...
We decided to totally re-do the bathroom too so got the crow bars out and began that big task...

This is before...

Saylah wasn't allowed to go into the room but she would just stand in the doorway and watch NatNat go to work!!!

She kept going around with her hands on her cheeks...saying..."OH MY gooTness..."OH MY gooTness!"
Can't imagine where she picked that up at??? 

Loving how the kitchen is turning out...
who's there?

One very sleepy 2 yr old and her baby doll...
Be still my heart!!!

Apparently Saylah thought baby doll needed another nap...
{At least she left the door open}

Going back home for dindin and then after Saylah's mommy comes to pick her up,

We wanted to work on putting up slot-wall in the crafting area
Here's the before bare wall...
The way to a perfectionist mans heart at Christmas...

Put up slot-wall in the back room that will hold supplies & machines...

Ok...sooooo...ya have to have alittle fun in the midst of work ~
I was in the bathroom PAINTING! and hear the YMCA song come on and Lauren tells me
This is a site to behold!!!
These ARE the MOMENTS I LIVE for!!!

This is the next day...
I LOVE.LOVE.LOVE this vintage 50's table...
Kinda like my awning story...I saw it last spring at Funky Junk and seriously coveted it but knew I didn't NEED a ginormous table such as this!!! It's HUGE!!! After signing the lease for the mom reminded me of this table and how perfect it would have been! It helps to be best friends with Jennifer {who owns Funky Junk} and she contacted the lady who had the table to see if it was still for sale.
SOLD!!! to 3 Craft Chicks!!!
It's incredibly sturdy and the chairs are comfy and there is still room on either end for another table if we need it!!!

Can't wait for this week when Jim is putting lighting up!!!

SO...I found the BEST spot for one of MY awnings...
Going into the kitchen!!!
Scotty's popcorn machine will be on the right side of that doorway...

I think you will agree it is coming together nicely and that there a couple valuable lessons to remember:

1. Don't be afraid to ask a question ~ the worst that can happen is the answer is no & that only hurts for a minute.
{Sidenote to that lesson: My mom always says though not to ask the question if you're not prepared for the answer!!!
 That's good advice ~ TRUST ME {& HER}!!! 

2. Even while working hard, take time and stop and enjoy life's moments & laugh & sing & dance & whatever your little heart desires!!!


Friday, January 25, 2013

How Scotty has changed my a good way!

You know our friend Scotty came to visit us in November and stayed that time for a month. He went back home for the Christmas holidays and said he wanted to come back and live with us. We here at the Craft home were all in favor of it and his mom agreed that we would give it a try. She brought him back over here just before the New Year! {He really wanted to be back for here for our New Years Eve party ~ ya know priorities!!!}
I'm quite sure that we in the Craft household have never smiled and laughed so much as in the last month that he has lived with us. Each and every day he does and says things that I just marvel at. Scotty is one of the most loving individuals I've ever known and it has been such a joy to have him here. I will admit there are times of adjustment as with any thing that is new and different. I've learned so much in such a short time and am so grateful for this opportunity.

A couple days ago while I was fixing his lunch he started laughing ~ for really no apparent reason. When I asked what he was laughing at he simply told me that it just feels good to laugh for no reason.
I tried it and we both laughed for a few minutes and ya know that old saying that laughter is the best medicine? Well, I think it's true!!! It's especially helpful on these long dreary winter days! :)

He's so excited about 3 Craft Chicks new venture of opening a shop! 
Oh how I love my Scotty and am so very thankful for all the little things I've learned to appreciate again since he's been with our family!!!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Cousin/Sister {+Michele} Christmas luncheon

Many of you know I used to be a caregiver for the most wonderful lady and during my years of caring for her became quite involved and attached to her amazing family! Her family spent many hours with their mom, grandma and aunt and so consequently I spent many hours with them. Her grandchildren and I became the best of friends! I remember {secretly} wondering if our friendship would remain as strong after their Grandma passed away but I had nothing to worry about!  Our friendships have not only remained but grown stronger and I look forward to many years and cherished memories ahead.

One of my most favorite events is a Christmas luncheon held by her granddaughter Cami. It is a cousin/sister lunch and I was invited last year. It was truly beautiful and perfect in every way. I did not assume that I would be invited this year so when I received my invite

The luncheon was the day before a big Christmas show 3 Craft Chicks participated in so that meant a big day of set up!  Did that stop me? NO WAY!!! I went up to Southhill and dropped off my "stuff" and did alittle bit of unpacking and then hopped in my car and headed out to Liberty Lake to Cami's. Got to Cami's and was immediately transported into her
Pretty PINK Christmas decor ~ so lovely!!!
Just absolutely love me my Cami!
YUMMY FOOD ~ Spokane Club Salad & their Grandma's bean salad
Their Grandma's {delicious} chicken casserole ~ such comfort food!
Their Grandma's one of a kind cheesecake ~ served on Fostoria dishes
Flocked tree with Cami's grandma's pink ornaments
The start of Cami's wonderful SANTA collection!
The BIG Tree ~ glass & old world Christmas ornaments ~ so pretty!
Pink kissing ball
 The SKATERS ~ a  favorite that had been her Grandma's!
Asian themed tree ~ love!
Skiier ornament tree {all ornaments given by her Grandma through the yrs.}
FRIENDS FOR LIFE! Kathy & Cami ~ love them bunches!
LOVE!!!These 3! Watch out when they are together!
Dani, Terri, Rachael, Kathy, Cami & Shelly ~ COUSINS & SISTERS!
Gathered around the table!
Lovely aluminum tree with beautiful shiny brite ornaments!
Can you tell how much fun we were having? Laughed so hard that day!!!
Perfect & beautiful tablescape!
Felt stocking made by Cami's grandma years ago...!
Family heirlooms are the best!
Orange felt stocking made by Cami's mom when she was little!
Love this vintage church!
This was Cami's Grandma's and the years I cared for her, I helped her put out her Christmas decor! I loved every single thing however this was at the tippy top of my most favorites list!!! I love how this family "does" Christmas ~ like how I "do" Christmas! All the grandchildren have inherited beautiful decorations and family heirlooms and continue to carry on traditions that I KNOW their Grandma would be most proud of!!!

Cami said she would understand if I couldn't have come due to scheduling conflict however there was no way I was going to miss this event! I don't ever want to loose my spot at it! :)

Can you even imagine my surprise when I got a Christmas calendar card in the mail? She used the picture with me in it...I was so humbled and honored!
It made me start crying!!!

This is such an extraordinary group of women that I'm blessed to be part of!!!