Friday, January 25, 2013

How Scotty has changed my a good way!

You know our friend Scotty came to visit us in November and stayed that time for a month. He went back home for the Christmas holidays and said he wanted to come back and live with us. We here at the Craft home were all in favor of it and his mom agreed that we would give it a try. She brought him back over here just before the New Year! {He really wanted to be back for here for our New Years Eve party ~ ya know priorities!!!}
I'm quite sure that we in the Craft household have never smiled and laughed so much as in the last month that he has lived with us. Each and every day he does and says things that I just marvel at. Scotty is one of the most loving individuals I've ever known and it has been such a joy to have him here. I will admit there are times of adjustment as with any thing that is new and different. I've learned so much in such a short time and am so grateful for this opportunity.

A couple days ago while I was fixing his lunch he started laughing ~ for really no apparent reason. When I asked what he was laughing at he simply told me that it just feels good to laugh for no reason.
I tried it and we both laughed for a few minutes and ya know that old saying that laughter is the best medicine? Well, I think it's true!!! It's especially helpful on these long dreary winter days! :)

He's so excited about 3 Craft Chicks new venture of opening a shop! 
Oh how I love my Scotty and am so very thankful for all the little things I've learned to appreciate again since he's been with our family!!!

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