Saturday, November 26, 2011

A simply wonderful Thanksgiving

This year Thanksgiving was quite a bit different than it had been the last few years. While I was working as a caregiver {as most of you know for the sweetest lady ever} I would take her to her family Thanksgiving. If I worked on a holiday, my family preferred it to be Thanksgiving so I could be home for Christmas Day. I did usually work on Christmas Eve also but always had Christmas Day off!  Needless to say the last 4 years on this holiday with my precious client and her wonderful family were so special and I will always be grateful for that time we had together. {I sure did think of her alot on Thanksgiving!} Usually Jim and the girls went to our family friends the Naves however this year we decided to stay home and just be the 4 of us. It was really nice and easy going and fun to cook and set the pretty dinner table and just be together. My mom is away this year in Mexico enjoying the warmth & sunshine!

The night before Nat and I did a late run to Walmart to pick up a couple things we had forgotten and she asked if she could make Coleslaw...I said sure...I went to get her a bag of precut cabbage for slaw and she informed me that would not be "real" coleslaw. She picked up a head of cabbage and the other ingredients she needed. I didn't even know she knew how to make coleslaw. I learned the next day that the last time she and Jim were over in Bothell at his Grandma Lorraine's she taught Nat how to make it. I readily admit Grandma's coleslaw is the BEST and I'm hooked on it! Well let me tell you, Nat's is fabulous! I know we will be having "Grandma Lorraine/Natalie's Coleslaw" at all our family dinner from now on! {Perfect that Natalie's middle name is Lorraine}

I then made Orange Creamsicle Jello! It's a recipe my mom always made for special dinners so now I get to make it for my family.  It is just simply delicious. I loved it when my friend texted me {in Illinois} saying she made Orange Jello for their Thanksgiving meal! 

Lauren made these absolutely darling little turkey's for our Thanksgiving table. As you can see they are made with oreos, reeses, candy corn, kisses and icing. I loved it because they were too stinkin' cute and also because they turned out like in the picture. {That does not always happen for me!}

I made a banner {remember I've gone crazy making banners} for our Thanksgiving dinner.
We definitely have so much to be thankful for!!!

Lauren, Jim and Nat

My Girls!

My sweet client {CJH} was represented at our Thanksgiving table. This candlestick pair was a gift from her family after she passed away. She had the most phenomenal candlestick collection. I love my pair!

More fun shots from our day of Thanksgiving...
YUMMY dinner! Turkey {Jim's in charge of the bird and his recipe is oh so good!}, Stuffing, Creamy Mashed Taters, Grandma/Nat's Coleslaw {delish}, Asparagus, Cauliflower with cheese sauce, Rolls and Orange Jello. I forgot one thing which was the Green Beans w/ bacon. Funny thing was they were in the dish on the island but had something over them so they stayed hot. Oh Well...they tasted very yummy the next day for leftovers. I happen to think leftovers might be the best part!!!

Another part of Thanksgiving Day traditions is getting a newspaper so we can scour the ads and see where the best deals are! Yes, my girls and I {and even some years Jim} go out for the big shopping day! Last year Jim and Grandpa Al went black Friday shopping and fought the crowds so we could get our new front load washer and dryer. That's quite a story in and of itself.  This year was different because most stores opened at midnight so that was quite interesting. We really didn't have much on the lists that were in the ads however it just is "our tradition". Can't break with tradition right???
Although it's absolutely crazy and such a zoo, it's oh so fun! Next blogpost just may be about our shopping adventures!

I hope you {my family & friends} truly had a blessed Thanksgiving!

Now it's onto decorating for my favorite time...CHRISTMAS!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Grace Before Meat...

I found this amazing picture this summer at an estate sale and I
just feel the poem that is written on the print speaks volumes!

Grace Before Meat

This is the dream of the soldier...
Home - where his thoughts have been
for these long, weary years of war.
Home - with his family, his love,
his hopes for tomarrow.
This will be his first festive meal
in many, many months.
And as heads are solemnly bowed
their hearts will remember those
who gave their lives for lasting peace.
This is "Grace before meat."

 The painting is by Hadden Lundbolm inspired by the
essay by Charles Lamb

During this holiday season I'm reminded just how thankful
I am for all the men and women who have sacrificed for my
freedom. As my family says grace tomarrow before our
Thanksgiving meal, I will be mindful of all that I am truly thankful for!

Sunday, November 20, 2011


My Girls!!!

These 2 just melt my heart and I love the relationship they have developed
over the years. Sure they've had their ups and downs however in the end
they always come together...they are sisters forever... matter what!

Love me my girls...Lauren & Natalie

WooHoo! Saylah Grace's 1st Birthday Party!!!

Saylah Grace and her wonderful mommy Samantha

 I can't believe it... sweet little Saylah will be 1 year old on November 21st! Her party was last night and it was just so much fun! So cute to watch her playing with her little cousins, devouring her first bday cake, dancing around whenever music was played {even if it was just someone's cell phone ringing}, saying some words in her cute Saylah voice and it was just nice being together with her family and friends. Her party was a monkey theme and her mom Sam did such an amazing job with all the decorations! Saylah's Grandma and Grandpa had a yummy dinner {taco bar} for all of us to enjoy. Such a great time was had by all!

 Saylah with her 2 grandma's :) A very cool fact about Saylah's
birthday is she was born on her Grandma Deb's birthday!
Wouldn't that just be the best birthday gift ever??? :)

Saylah with her Auntie LaLa

"The Girls"
Nat, Allison, Lauren & Samantha...these girls have been friends since
they were little girls...they were our neighbors on base. We shared a fence
so our girls used to hop the fence quite a bit to go back and forth! We've
been through lots of life {good & bad} and just love this family to pieces!

Saylah was absolutely adorable opening her gifts...she really
got into it all and just looked and touched everything. 
Such a darn cutie patootie!

Sporting some of her birthday presents!
Doesn't this penguin hat just crack you up? 

Oh My!!! Her first pair of converse! Not sure if
I've ever seen anything cuter!!!

Her very own chair! Saylah's Auntie Allison painted and
decorated this just for her! I thought that was the best!

Just love this one!!!

Saylah clapping {so cute} when we were done singing the bday song to her!

Saylah is sure lovin' her some cake time!

 Saylah was more than willing to share!
Sharing with her Aunt Natnat...

Saylah certainly demolished that cake!
Here she is with Auntie Allison whom she loves & adores!

Don't you want a bite of this yummy cake now too?
served from the cutest pudgy baby hands...

Party time...Nat, Chloe, Tiffany and Birthday Baby Saylah

 These 2 just absolutely LOVE each other!
Wouldn't you just love to know what these baby cousins were talkin' about???

Saylah with Papa Jim
One time during this last summer when we were watching Saylah, it
was time to get her ready to be picked up by her Grandpa Dave. Jim told
Saylah her "real" grandpa was coming to get her...I asked Jim what that made
him...he said "I'm the Faux Pa". Pretty funny! Even though we are not really
Saylah's grandparents we just love her like crazy and are so honored that
her mommy and {real} grandparents allow us to play such an active role in her life!

Pre bathtime...after caketime...

More of the great decorations...

My favorite tho is this picture...
{precious baby hand gripping onto her mama's hand}
this is REAL love

Saylah is such a blessing to all those around her and I'm so happy
to wish my little sugar pie a very blessed 1st birthday!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Post #2 for Flashback Friday 11/11/11

On this Veterans Day 2011 I want to thank my favorite husband... Msgt. James C. Craft

I took this picture over 16 years ago...May 1995 one day Jim came home on a lunch break while we were stationed at McChord Air Force Base in Tacoma Wa. I just love the look of complete adoration and sweetness that these two were sharing at that very moment! I really wish someone could tell me where all the the years have gone? That same little baby is now 16 1/2 yrs. old and that military man retired after 23 years in the Air Force in 2005. 

I definitely HEART these 2!