Sunday, February 26, 2012

Little Peeps Lane

3 Craft Chicks has added another aspect to our spaces at Roost. We now have baby & children's items that are just oh so cute! This part is named "Little Peeps Lane" and has a variety of items including wonderful things from Natural Life Baby and some darling boutique clothing. For your little princess there are some beautiful tutu's. We will keep adding items weekly so be sure to stop by Roost for your little peep!!!

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Words and what we utter from our lips and even sometimes on paper can be so powerful. To some people words and how they are conveyed and expressed are so important. I am one of those people who's "love language" is words of affirmation primarily. {If you have never studied Love Languages I would encourage everyone to do can literally transform a marriage and help in parenting and it just in general to how we relate to family and friends.} One of my mom's primary love languages is also words of affirmation. I was reminded of that this past weekend when we went over to her house...they were notes that each of us had left her taped around her kitchen! It made me smile! That is something I would do! I save notes, letter, voice messages and emails. I re-read and re-listen to them often especially if I need encouragement or am just missing that particular person who left me the messages. It just does my heart good! My mom is one of those rare people who still writes and mails letters and cards and I love that about her. I love when I re-read cards and notes she sent me through the many years. Not long ago I opened my mail box and lo and behold there was a sweet note from my sweet mama...she just said she realized that since she lives in Spokane she had not written me in a long time! I treasure that!

 Thought I would share the notes Jim, Natalie and I left my mom ~ it just brings a smile to my face and heart ~

Just a couple of the love notes taped on my mom's kitchen wall!

First, I left this note and then Jim left

this note! I already had left my mom's so I didn't realize he wrote one too! His made me laugh!

I did stop there Fri night but she changed her mind and made the casserole with these ingredients this week instead so I'm pretty certain a stop at her house on the way to or from my nail appt. tomarrow is in order! Don't you think that's a good idea? It was kind of cute ~ Natalie told me she notices Grammy gets out ingredients for certain meals and they might sit on the counter for a few days until she makes it. I asked Nat what the problem was with that...she said nothing at all she just wondered why she did it. I said I didn't know I just know she's done that my whole life. What confused Nat was the fact that there might be all the ingredients for a meal on the counter but Grammy makes a whole other meal. I asked my mom that night {because then I was curious after all these years} and she said simply she likes to make sure she has everything and then when she's hungry for it she all prepared! Sounds good to me!

Nat lives with my mom {it is going so well for both of them} so she even leaves mom notes! SWEET!

Words you see no matter how simple or elaborate are good for the soul! Take the time to drop a friend or loved one a quick note or send an email. I like reading those too! Even through facebook and texting words can be helpful and needful to someone. You just never know what somebody is going through at that very moment when they read your words of love and encouragement!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

aDdItIoNs & cHaNgEs to our 3 Craft Chicks space...

I'm learning that in this business you have to be on your toes at all times! Things sell {which is a GOOD thing} however then it's time to move items around and add more items. I absolutely love every part of this. Over this past weekend some larger items sold ~ HIP HIP HOORAY ~ so it was one of those times to re-do the 3 Craft Chicks space at Roost!

Changed out our first display {which held Valentines stuff xoxo} to lots of pretty aqua, turquoise and a splash of pink! You know how I love me some PINK and TURQUOISE! There are some darling retro cannister sets and sweet pink and turquoise Pyrex! A girl can never have too much vintage Pyrex ~ wouldn't you agree?

Not just for's a mini "love" banner for sale!

An absolute FAVORITE of mine ~ Jim made this for our space. A simply sweet retro PINK suitcase made into an end table. Would be perfect for a guestroom as a nightstand for a lamp and storage for towels for guests and what not! Had a hard time not keeping this for my PINK guestroom!

Inside the suitcase ~ PINK & POLKA DOTS = PERFECT

Awfully blank you might say however that is because there are some big changes to coming to this area of our spaces! You'll have stay tuned as I will update and have it all ready over the next couple days!
 Let's just say...this Craft chick is VERY excited!!!

This is another area of Roost that we have our wares in! We're adding to that continually so it's always changing!

Love this spool table Jim made for our space! It's even on wheels which makes it all the more useful!

Set of My Book House books ~ Volumes 1 through 12! I HEART books especially older ones with amazing graphics such as these! That's why sometimes it is hard for me to rip up books to make the garland and I get distracted reading pages from old books while making the garlands!!! :)

EXTRA large book garland ~ it is 850 pages long!

So...stop by...

because you'll make my

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Lunch 'n Look

I have been wanting to host this luncheon for quite some time now and finally was able to a couple weeks ago. I thought it would be fun to have some of my "junkin" pals over so they could see how I've decorated my home with treasures I've purchased from each one at various shows and sales. Now that I'm part of this world on the selling end I know I wonder who buys that special something or where they might put it in their home. I guess essentially it's like hearing the rest of the story!
~There were 16 total at lunch and we had the BEST time~
laughing, talking, eating, reminiscing and just enjoying each others company

I made these for placecards ~ saw the idea on PINTEREST ~
love love love when those ideas really work!
I just put burlap in a frame and wrote with dry erase marker on the glass! They could take them home and erase that and re-use! Also love the re-usableness...:)

The other "party favor" I'm making each lady is a paperbag scrapbook from the day. I showed them the start and I'm finishing them up over the next couple weeks. It all worked out well because now I can add recipes and pictures from the actual Lunch 'n Look day!

I served Spokane Junior League Chicken Enchiladas and yummy corn relish salsa, salad and my mom's orange cream jello and also my mom's eclair cake. It was all so delicious and I couldn't have done the lunch part without my friends Cami and Kathy and my daughter Lauren. They totally saved the day. I can't thank them enough for all they did to help with the Lunch 'n Look.

My only regret that day is that I didn't get a group picture with all of us "Junkin' Girls"...but all in all it was an absolutely perfect day! I left my Christmas decorations up for the L 'n L which was on January 30th and today is February 15th and I'm STILL working on getting them down.  Tomarrow is the day for sure!

Yes, I indeed have the most patient and understanding husband in the whole world! 

This sweet face will brighten any day...

Today Jim called me from work and was discouraged and having a pretty "bum" day...we talked for a bit and he was alittle better when we hung up but I knew he was still not his normal chipper self. This evening I brought him over to the computer and told him to look at these pictures and that would surely cheer him up! These are pictures of Saylah Grace ~ our adopted granddaughter ~ I must say adoption is absolutely grand. We have been close friends with Saylah's mom and {real} grandparents for many years. They lived behind us on Fairchild AFB and our kids grew up together. Now our kids are having kids! How does that happen??? Anyway here are some priceless shots of Saylah Grace the different times she came to our home in January...

This was so funny...she kept on putting her coat and hat on and walking around the house ~ even had her cheerio snack time with both on! Doesn't this little girl just melt your heart???

This is one of my favorite sites to behold...
little baby shoes sitting around my home...
not much can be cuter than that...
oh except the lil' Sugar Pie herself!!! xoxo

Now these really make Papa smile...Saylah playing his drums! Couldn't be more proud!!!

Love the cell phone use within a home...this particular night Natalie called us from in Jim's music room in the basement and said we had to get down there "pronto" as Saylah was being so adorable "making music"...

Look at the sparkle in their eyes...priceless!
The bond these 2 have is indescribable...when Natalie steps out of the room Saylah cries and when Nat enters a room Saylah goes running to her ~ squealing with delight!
 It is absolutely precious!

 I love this picture...
the love and adoration between them...
Wouldn't this brighten up your day???

a very SCRABBLE Valentines...

I've been making these sort of pictures for our 3 Craft Chicks space at Roost and you would be surprised which letters you run out of! It's letters like V and Y not A and E...anyway...Jim called me today on Valentines as I was home in bed for the 3rd day sick {yuck} and asked which Scrabble letters I needed most. That's a funny question I thought but oh I told him I needed some V's, Y's and L's. He said he was at a store where you could buy them individually so he would pick me up some extras! When he got home he gave me my presents...first were 2 full Scrabble games that he picked up at a thrift store and then the big guns...a BIG brown bag full of Scrabble tiles! He said he made an offer on the whole lot the man had and he accepted! I'm sure a LUCKY DUCK...that my husband would even be on the lookout for such things just makes me smile! Then he gave me my "real" gift...I thought the Scrabble items were but he said no they were for the business. I got another charm for on my Pandora bracelet ~ it has hearts on it! Ya know I sure do heart that man I'm married to! This year we will celebrate our 25th Anniversary and as many of you know that walked with us through the deep valley in our marriage over 6 years ago it is truly a miracle to be celebrating such a big event this year! It has come with alot of perseverance and determination but it well worth it! 
That really is what makes my heart the happiest!

I haven't even counted how many tiles were in the brown bag yet!

Scrabble game is a big game in the Craft family. Jim and Natalie LOVE to play it and Jim and his mom especially LOVE LOVE LOVE to play it whenever she comes to visit. I will readily admit I'm terrible at it however I have a new appreciation for Scrabble now! Funny how making some moolah from it has changed my perspective! HEE HEE!!! Jim has informed me that no matter how desperate I might become for a letter the Scrabble game that gets played in our home is off limits to me to use!!!

~pretty Pandora charm~

This is the glittery sparkly art I made at a Boho retreat this past weekend...I think it's true...

So this is what I made for Jim...because I do LOVE HIM for ALWAYS!!!

My dear friend Gloria Hulst wrote on facebook on Valentines that she and her husband were celebrating their 69th Valentines together! WOW! Let's see when it's our 69th I'll be 89 and Jim will be 93...I say...
YES!!! That is a true love story!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Boho Valentine Tea & Glitter Workshop

Remember I'm a Boho Girl??? This past October I went to a 3 day retreat at Elaine Tolson's home and it was extraordinary! Saturday, February 11th I was able to attend a 1 day retreat at her home. This was a Valentine Tea and Glitter Workshop! It was so much fun! I love anything and everything glitter...I'm just quite sure glitter can cure whatever might ail a girl...don't you??? I went with my friend Kathy and it was just perfect to spend a Saturday with her. She is the granddaughter of my sweet client that passed away and Kathy and I had spent every Saturday for over 4 years with her precious grandma. As we were making the long drive to Elaine's beautiful log home we chatted and laughed even shed a few tears and just enjoyed being together for a whole Saturday!

We made the most beautiful glittered sparkly wall art at the class and then had a Valentine tea fit for a queen. Sweet Jennifer who had cooked at the last Boho Retreat I attended did all the cooking for this event also. She did not disappoint!

Some pictures from the {glorious} GLITTER - filled day...

 Just a few things I LOVE about dear Elaine...
I love that she opens her home and heart to us ladies to create & fellowship
I love that she makes me feel so "at home" in her home
I love that she loves glitter as much as I do
I love that her precious mom Mavis is at the retreats and the bond they share
I love the history of the FAMILY log homestead where she lives
I love her SWEET SWEET spirit
I love that she loves RED {that's my mama's favorite color}
I love that she stands for what she believes in
I love that she has the sweetest little farm and how she loves her life
I love that she has many DREAMS
I love that she is a NANA and the sparkle that brings to her eyes like no other!
I love that she wears RED cowboy boots and she is so stinkin' cute
I love all these things and so much more and am so grateful
 for the friend I have in Elaine!

 Valentine paper hearts hanging around...made me smile

The collage heart I made with LOTSA glitter! LOVE IT!

creating is oh so much fun!

glue, embellishments and of course GLITTER so we can end up with...

How does a blank canvas end up like this? With GLITTER, glue, papers, doilies, bling, GLITTER, embellishments, paints, ribbons and did I mention GLITTER??? What I would like to know is how does Elaine come up with such ideas???? BRILLIANCE!

~Magical vintage Valentine decor~

~ Lil' Valentine cutie patootie! ~

~ Valentine whimsy for all to enjoy ~

OH YES! Twinkling lights under the punchbowl! Does it get any better?

I mean there was GLITTER and twinkling LIGHTS all throughout the day!

Our wonderful Valentine Tea ~ such pretty china & linens

Place cards for us to take home in addition to the charm necklace Elaine made all of us! Elaine makes the prettiest charm necklaces...we all went home with a sweet cupcake one!

YUMMY doesn't even begin to describe what Jennifer made for us. Her scones and lemon curd ARE numero uno in my book! and in my mouth! :) You get the picture!

It was a fantastic day! Another neat thing was meeting a lady who I had seen shopping the day before at Roost and getting to know her! It's fun to make new friends when going to a Boho Event!


Here's a group shot of all of us gals at this can imagine how fun that is to get a great shot of everyone however Sandy {the photographer} did a fantastic job of doing so!