Thursday, October 27, 2011

BOHO re{treat} #2

My birthday gift from Jim this year was the Boho Retreat. I know there is a reason the word {treat} is part of the word retreat! It truly was an amazing experience. On the postcard it says it's an {unconventional} gathering to renew body, soul and mind. It's guaranteed to tickle your artistic fancy...included in this fabulous weekend are classes, lodging, meals and whimsy. Let me tell you it did not disappoint! I've already done an overview post about it however still had some pictures and fun aspects I wanted to share with you...

I hopped in Junebug and {we} started the journey to Elaine Tolson's home which took 1 hour and 45 minutes. The drive in and of itself was beautiful as all the fall colors are in full swing. I turned on my radio and took a deep breath and although a tad bit nervous for the new experience I was also most excited! I had seen pictures of other events Elaine has hosted and I knew I was in for a real  reTREAT!

Upon getting out of my car I was greeted very warmly by her dog Cash! By the end of the 3 days Cash had definitely wiggled himself into all our hearts! When I got inside all the other Boho Girls were seated at the table and Elaine gave us an overview of the weekend. I knew immediately I would LOVE it! I felt so "at home" too! There were 6 ladies doing the retreat and then Elaine's mom and sister came and went and did some crafting and helping in the kitchen. Jennifer was the FOOD LADY {EXTRAORDINAIRE}. 
We did lots of wonderful arts and crafts, ate way to much beyond delicious food, talked and laughed and made friends with each other. It was such a relaxed atmosphere and truly a getaway from reality. I loved that was no cell phone service there. We could use her house phone for calling and left her home # with our families if they did need to reach us. 

Elaine and her husband {who usually has other plans for Boho weekends} live about 15 minutes past Chewelah in a beautiful log cabin built my Elaine's dad. Elaine's folks lived there amidst all the beautiful country and tamarack trees and now that they've downsized and moved into town  Elaine and her hubby now live there. {I'm quite sure if I was Elaine I might never want to leave my home} They have the sweetest farm...chickens and goats, cats and dogs...The cabins on the property for lodging at these retreats are so amazing and the view around their property is so peaceful. Anyway...I'll show some fun pictures of this most fabulous weekend and just know it truly was a re{treat}!

You know I love all things vintage and pretty so all around her home were many treasures ...

Sir Eli {the real king of this castle}

these " feed sack bags"  Elaine makes and {sells}are just the coolest!

Vintage tablecloths adorned the tables...
my friends & family know I HEART vintage linens!

Another great big love of mine are dishes! In my opinion a girl really can never have too many dishes!

Aren't these just the sweetest pattern?

Now to look at some wonderfulness outside...

how fun...a bonfire...roasting see Mr. Cash is lovin' it!

perfect fireside seating...hay bales & old quilts!


Down on the FARM...

Do you remember these lil chicks?
sweet silkies at Elaine's {Vintage Charm} booth at Farm Chicks Show

   {not the greatest picture}... however sure was nice to see these sweet silkie chicks again

The lodging for a Boho girl are just fantastic. 
over the top accomadations...

There were just so many wonderful and lovely aspects to this whole weekend...a few more pictures to try and give a {small} glimpse into this extraordinary experience!

Was this 3 legged guest on the invited list??? I think not :)

Sheila & Kelly {mom & daughter} with Cash...anytime Sheila stepped foot out the door she had a loyal furry friend with her. Mr. Cash is the sweetest dog and I just know he thinks he's a "lap dog". He walked with the ladies back and forth between the Tolson house and the Boho Cabins. 

Here is that Angel Food Cake made with wheat flour so I'm pretty sure it was healthy for me to consume it. Oh yea! I forgot I dipped in chocolate fondue...hmmmm

Lord... BLESS the hands that lovinly prepared all our scrumptious meals.

creating & crafting Boho Girls

a personal trunk show by Elaine...we loved seeing the aprons and what not she's made and sells in different shows! You can't see the aprons very well me tho they are each unique and beautiful.  She is an "apron superstar" in my opinion { I'm going to brag on her a bit} of her aprons was featured in the magazine APRONOLOGY!

I got to stay in Elaine's home in her guestroom so when I arrived at the re{treat}Thursday at noon and promptly removed my shoes,  I never put them on again until Saturday at 5:00 p.m. I so loved doing that! I wore my slippers to the bon fire and when we went outside to take the group shot. I hadn't even noticed however Elaine had and thought it was cute when she vacuumed each a.m. there still sat my shoes in the same exact spot. I didn't want to put them on as that meant it was time to leave...I really didn't want to leave...ya know tho I think that's the best way to leave something only longing to come back again because it means the experience had at such an event was just PERFECT! Wouldn't change a thing!

Lastly, one of my most favorite pictures was this one of Mr. Cash...
On the outside looking in...just waiting for his new Boho friends to come outside and pet him!

Anxiously awaiting next time...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

i'm a BOHO Girl

This last weekend I attended Boho Art Retreat and just let me tell was AMAZING!!!

This retreat is an arts and crafting retreat along with lots of over the top food, wonderful lodging and fun with girlfriends. It was an escape from the real world that I very much needed. There is no cell phone service at her home...and that was top of my list of favorite things!  It's hosted and put on by the fabulous Elaine Tolson and held at her welcoming home in the country. She lives in her family log cabin homestead so the setting is peaceful and breathtakingly beautiful! She teaches the most phenomenal classes and I learned so much! Let me just tell you how excited Jim was when I got home and told him I learned to solder! He's hard to truly impress however I will say the soldering did impress him! This was my first time to attend such an event and will admit I was somewhat nervous {silly me}. Unfamiliar surroundings, new people, crafting I'd never done before...there was no need for such worry or apprehension. The moment I walked in the door I felt comfortable and right at home. 

Not even sure where to start with pictures so first set will be the arts & crafts...
We were instructed to put away harsh criticism of ourselves and make each piece a reflection of us and just to have fun {lots & lots of fun) and to try remember what it felt like to be a child who was making a priceless project and just "go with the flow..."

start with a totally blank canvas then start adding...
paper, paint, glue, embellishment...anything a Boho girl desires...
 This piece represents things close to my heart...a portion of a map of where we live, the word maternal from the dictionary, pearls on the silhouette's dress, home, glitter, bling and the color pink This was our practice piece so we could get more comfortable then onto the "big gun"...

A big wooden canvas to do with as I pleased...too much fun! This is not completely finished as I still want to add a picture and a couple doo-dads.  I did this one to represent my life as a child growing up in a small town! A mayberry sort of town! Who knew there would be such a use for scrabble pieces!

Here are some of the other Boho boards...
I've honestly discovered something I can tell I'll love doing! It had elements from my scrapbooking & stamping world that I was comfortable using so that made it even better. These pictures don't do it justice as there is so much texture and dimension in person to these mixed media pieces!

I love that I learned how to use this soldering iron!!!!!
We learned by making a small charm and then soldering a little glass jar with keepsakes in it. I put glitter {of course} and a pink cross and little pearls to represent my family and the words love & cherish on it and hung it from a pink ribbon which now is hanging in my PINK room!!!!!

Next we soldered 2 pieces of glass {one was pretty} to make a lovely charm for a necklace!
...the front
...the back
It's quickly become my favorite necklace as I've been sure my outfits match it the past 3 days since making it!

soldering shots of other boho girls...

Day 3...Glass Journal
I'm making a recipe journal that will have special family recipes in it and it will hang from a shelf in my kitchen that has vintage aprons hanging on it. I'll post a picture of that when I have that all done.
Elaine {our fearless leader} designed this project and it's absolutely beautiful and was fun to make!

Now to try to capture the other very big deal at this retreat...the FOOD! As I said above it was over the top and that is the only way to describe it...Jennifer did most of the cooking and after I think the 2nd meal I asked her if she caters professionally...she said no...she just loves to cook {and cook well...i might add}
I loved this apron she wore and think the towel hanging off of it is just plain ol' clever. Elaine made the apron and sewed a "D" ring onto to it. She said it was easy...I love how people who sew say that! :) I will learn how to sew! I don't plan on doing big things I just have a longing to make things such as these... :)

Special chicken {recipe is in Jen's head}, beets with a special orange sauce, yummy carrots, salad with homemade ranch {with homemade mayo...i didn't even know there was such a thing} and delicious bread. Good does not even begin to describe this meal!
And then this dessert! It's a raspberry cheesecake with buttercream frosting...I know I'm probably making all of my blog followers hungry...just to give you a small glimpse into how very yummy this was...kelly t. was sitting next to me and all of a sudden she was quiet and not responding to i looked at her she seemed to be having a moment with her cheesecake. She was indeed savoring every bite...{she LOVED this dessert to say the least}

MMMMMM...Steak and Two Potato Soup! Ok so do you see the fruit parfait? Would you have thought this was dessert???

Don't even know what these cookies are me they are just too yummy in the tummy... again wouldn't you think we were done at this meal????

Not quite...candy corn pudding!!! I could only take 2 bites and had to bring mine home. Cool way to serve it because then Elaine just screwed a lid on it as it is in a canning jar and sent mine home with me! Might I add, myself and 2 other boho girls learned at that meal not to get 2nds. You see that steak soup was just simply too good and we had to have another assured I did not do that again! 

Look at this pretty breakfast spread...
Homemade Crepes {made by Elaine}, Boho Pooridge {beyond delicious}, homemade yogurt with homegrown raspberries, granola and turkey sausage. You can probably tell how serious Elaine takes the food at these retreats! Can't say as I minded!!!!!! :)

I didn't get pictures of the taco bar we had for dindin one night. The most nummy parts of that dinner were the homemade corn tortilla's and chili rellenos...I sure do have lots of recipes I'll be trying out on my family!!!! The dessert after the taco night was chocolate fondue with 2 different types of cake and delicious fruit! Boy was I glad I didn't have 2nds of the taco bar...even tho I was tempted!
s0000000000 YUMMOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
p.s. the angel food cake was made with wheat flour so I'm pretty sure it was healthy for me, right???

A lovely tea {fit for a queen} served to us...
Scones with...
{homemade} Devonshire Cream and Lemon Curd...

Cucumber Sandwich, Chicken Salad Puff & Quiche...WOW!

for dessert... these cookies and pecan tarts

I know this was a LONG post...BOHO Retreat deserved every word! To re-cap the weekend....
there was lots of FOOD, FUN & FELLOWSHIP

Many in this group of ladies started out the retreat as strangers...
after 3 GLORIOUS days...
we are all dear and wonderful friends!!!


definition of a Boho Girl...{in my own words}
someone who loves to create and is artistic, loves her family and friends passionately, enjoys cooking (and in my case is VERY willing to learn more about cooking from scratch and healthy cooking), loves the beautiful creation our God has created,  someone who lives in the moment and savors life's smallest blessings, someone who absolutely positively loves glitter and all things pretty!

p.s. watch for Boho Retreat Post will tell the rest of this story...