Tuesday, October 4, 2011

pretty in PINK additions...

I just did the big post on my PINK room last week and the very next day I received the most amazing gift that just had to go in the PINK room! 

 I received a gift from the family of the sweet Connie Jo that I had the honor of caring for over the past 4 years. Her favorite color was PINK so I always think of her when I'm in my PINK room! I was given a beautiful rose painting that had been in Connie's bedroom. It was so special to me and it was on the wall straight across from where I spent many hours kneeling beside her bed. We spent so many precious hours there...praying...visiting...just being...I sure did cherish that time spent at her bedside. I loved to hear her pray. She always prayed just as if our heavenly Father was sitting right there on the bed with us. When I said that to Connie, she said of course...HE IS RIGHT HERE!!!!! I miss her and will always be thankful for our time together and I am so grateful for the other gift she gave me in all the wonderful friendships I have with some of her family! When I was given the painting I was humbled and honored. It has beautiful PINKS and yellow roses! So lovely! I came home and hung it up immediately in the PINK room! I LOVE IT! 

My sweetest Connie...I loved her like crazy!!!! 
This picture was Christmas Eve 2009

Another beautiful addition to the PINK room is this
fantastic apron my mom gave me for my birthday.
My birthday is at the end of Oct however my mom was so
excited about her gift to me she HAD to give it to me early!
I didn't complain! It's so gorgeous!


just love my pretty chandelier candles that my friend
Shannon gave me and with the other new additions to the
PINK room these sweet little pieces got moved to an even better spot!

This is the absolutely amazing view as I walk down my hallway!
I love my PINK room!
I love the new additions to my PINK room!
I love my peeps who gave me the additions to the PINK room!!!

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  1. Love the new additions!!!! And I love how you were able to show me each new addition in person and told me short stories about them. Like I said I can not wait until I have my own place because you are my decorating inspiration. When I get my own apt I am definitely MAKING you go shopping with me to help me pick out everything. well at least the antique stuff lol GREAT JOB ON THE PINK ROOM!!! again I LOOOOVE IT!!