Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I must admit it is SOOOOOO wonderful having our very own hairdresser in the family! Yesterday she waxed my eyebrows and today she cut Nat's hair...we didn't even have to leave our home!!!

Such BEAUTIFUL girls ~ both on the inside & outside!!!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

We shared a fence...

You never know when a friendship is formed where it will take you through the years...I've been thinking alot about FRIENDS this week as my mom just had 3 girlfriends come to visit and they have been friends for 45 + years!!! The gift of friendship is so very precious and something we all need & crave. Being married to a military man afforded me many wonderful opportunities to make wonderful friendships through the years. One of those priceless friends is Deb Bishop!!! We were neighbors over 10 years ago on Fairchild Air Force Base.


We have shared alot more than a fence in all these years...our kids grew up together, have gotten married, had kiddos of their own and so much more. We have laughed together through the happy times and cried together during the difficult days.

I am so very thankful for all those years ago when...

Michele {Nana}, Saylah Grace & Deb {Saylah's GRANDMA}
at Saylah's 1st Birthday ~ November 2011

Friday, June 22, 2012

Lifelong FRIENDS...

my MOM {JonElla}, Sharzie, Phoebe & Sue

This group of ladies have been friends since high school! I just love that about them...they are still such close and wonderful friends after all these years! They came to Spokane to visit my mom and my whole family enjoyed seeing them too! This picture was taken at Chaps {a favorite restaurant of my mom & mine}. It was funny because the night they came to our house for dinner, Natalie commented about fun it was to listen to them and how they sounded like "high school girls"...laughing, talking & carrying on...

I have loved watching how my mom is friends with someone! It is not a relationship she takes lightly and I admire that and have learned so much of being a true friend from my sweet mom! I think it is such a rare and wonderful gift to have friends that have remained this close for so many years...

We had "the girls" for dinner on Wednesday night and of course Jim made his famous chicken fettuccine! It was so delicious!!! We had stuffed mushrooms, bacon wrapped green beans and salad also!!! YUM!!!
This is the beautiful SILVER salad bowl with SILVER serving spoons my mother in law {Lynda} gave Jim and me for our SILVER wedding anniversary just a couple weeks ago! I love them and just had to share this picture with you!!! THANK YOU LYNDA!!! 

Sue & Nat {new found FRIENDS...just love that}

LOVE LOVE LOVE these ladies!!!

Oh Sharzie I just love you so!!! She is like an aunt to me and let me tell you she gives the BEST hugs!!! I made sure I got plenty of those while she was here!!!

This was Saylah's first time to go to Chaps too and she LOVED it too!!!

A fun little sidenote...Phoebe and Sue met a few years ago because there sons married sisters {I think that's how it goes...} and when they were talking and getting acquainted at a family gathering one day they realized they both knew my mom!!! What a small world it is!!! 

Definitely one word to describe their friendship & this most wonderful visit...

Friday, June 8, 2012

Farm Chicks 2012

My sweet little family right before the show started...definitely the calm before the storm! 

3 Craft Chicks was formed in January 2012 so it has been a whirlwind as this very  new business in the junking world has taken off! Just 6 weeks ago we decided to pursue having our very own booth at The Farm Chicks Show! So, at that point began the frenzy of activity it takes to prepare for not just any show but one of the biggest shows in the country!!! My husband,  Jim is amazing and helped design so many things from business cards to booth displays. Our daughters, Lauren & Natalie are such a vital part of the 3 Craft Chicks and I just can't even imagine doing this without my precious family! They have really made my dream a reality!!! 

We did have a little hitch in our giddy up about 3 weeks ago when we got news that Jim's Grandma Lorraine was not doing well and would need extra care the couple weeks preceding the show. Jim's mom needed to go back home for appointments and Grandma couldn't be alone. Jim & I traded off going over to Bothell, Wa to be with our beloved Grandma! It was an honor & blessing to spend her last days on earth with her. When I married my husband 25 years ago she became MY Grandma and had such a profound influence on my life. I was able to be with her 2 separate times in the last month and while there worked on things I was hand making for our booth. She enjoyed watching me work and was looking forward to seeing pictures as she could not really fathom the concept of Farm Chicks! Saturday morning at 8:30 a.m., just as the show started we received a phone call from Jim's mom saying that Grandma was worsening and she wasn't sure how much longer she had. At that moment I just wanted to hop in my car and make the 5 hour drive to be with her. I knew I couldn't and that Grandma would not have wanted that as I know she would want us to do the show & do it well. I walked over to my friend Jennifer's Funky Junk booth and just stood there and asked how we were suppose to go on and put it out of our minds? She very promptly went over and wrote on a tag and quietly tucked in my jacket pocket. She said that was GRANDMA and I didn't need to put it out of my mind, I would be carrying her with me near my heart all throughout the show. IT HELPED!
Our Grandma did pass away on June 5th and I was just getting ready to head back over to be with her and help my mother in law however it was not meant to be. I will miss MY Grandma Lorraine and I know my husband and children will also. She left such a legacy for us and for that I am so thankful.

I will share many photos from the 2 day show however one of things that meant the most to me is the realization yet again of how wonderful friendship is and how much this dear dear friend means to me...
Photo courtesy of Burnett Photography

Now...back to the The Farm Chicks Show...
Photo courtesy of The Little Red Shop

Photo courtesy of Burnett Photography

3 Craft Chicks just before the show started...Jim made this absolutely amazing cash booth for us with pallet wood and the sweet awning I bought from Serena Thompson.

I would not have survived without the help of my wonderful friend Kathy!!! She showed up Friday morning and helped us set up all day and then came and worked the show with us both Saturday & Sunday. She even stayed until every last item was packed and loaded. Her son Chris & daughter Sara came on Sunday to help with tear down and load out! I must say we were very spoiled to have extra help!!! I appreciated it so much and in the midst of the craziness Kathy and I enjoyed being together all weekend!!!

Loyal shoppers of all ages...

This man was so thrilled to find a milk crate from Modern Valley Dairy as his family owned and operated it for many years out of Orting, Wa. I love hearing all these wonderful stories!

Photo courtesy of Burnett Photography
The little girl who bought this was about 9 years and actually squealed with delight when she saw this typewriter. Her mom told me she had been saving for months to come to the show and she was specifically looking for an older typewriter that still worked!!! That made my HEART HAPPY!!!
Photo courtesy of Burnett Photography
Photo courtesy of Burnett Photography
 Photo courtesy of The Little Red Shop

Photo courtesy of The Little Red Shop

Photo courtesy of Burnett Photography

Now for what I considered the show stopper...
Photo courtesy of Burnett Photography
You can read about this amazing business owned by my sweet friend Jennifer here...

Photo courtesy of Burnett Photography
There are no words to describe this phenomenal piece that was in Funky Junk's booth!!!

Photo courtesy of Burnett Photography
Love the Funky Junk mugs, t shirts & necklaces for sale in this cool vintage refrigerator!

Hope you all have enjoyed the re cap of this amazing show and if you have not attended, be sure to put it on your list for next year. It's always the first weekend of you can start planning now!

Photo courtesy of Burnett Photography

3 Craft Chicks has spaces at Roost a vintage home store in downtown Spokane! Stop by there and shop in over 5,000 square feet of beautiful rusty & re purposed items. Roost is located at Division & Main, just across from Revival Lighting!!! Can't wait to see you soon!!!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

25 years & still counting...

On our wedding day ~ June 6, 1987

On our 25th Wedding anniversary ~ June 6, 2012

I cannot believe we have just celebrated this significant anniversary!!! Our 25 years together as husband and wife have held many many wonderful and happy times and also some very deep valleys and trials. I'm so thankful that we have weathered the storms and quite frankly some days I didn't know if we would. As we were sitting as dinner last night {at Chaps...thank you Celeste} we started reflecting over the last 25 years. There are times that made us literally SMILE out loud and others that brought tears to our faces. The past is in the past and for that I am one grateful human being! Forgiveness & fresh starts are a very cherished aspect of our marriage. 

We have the privilege of sharing our wedding anniversary with Grandpa Bernie & Grandma Lorraine {who passed away the day before on June 5th}. They were a big part of our conversation at dinner. We have always loved sharing our special day with our precious grandparents. Jim and I both were able to take turns going to Bothell , Wa to care for Grandma Lorraine during the last month as we knew she was in her last days. She talked so much about Grandpa on these visits and that was so sweet to me. She had been so lonely since he passed away 5 years ago.

 It made me thankful for the time I do have here on earth with my beloved!

Just because I know everyone loves to see pictures of sheer DELICIOUSness...
Our dinner at CHAPS
Chicken skewers in peanut sauce ~ YUM ~

Maple bacon wrapped salmon ~ DELIGHTFUL ~

Flat iron steak with brie & parmesan topping ~ MELT IN YOUR MOUTH GOOD 

Triple chocolate mousse ~ HEAVENLY ~

Here's to many many more...