Monday, August 20, 2012


Many of you read about & see pictures of Miss Saylah and might wonder who she is!!! Well...let me tell you about this sweet little girl! Her mommy is Samantha and she is a great mom and does a wonderful job in raising this precious gift. Her grandparents also do the same ~ Dave & Deb. You can read about my friendship with Saylah's grandma here

Life isn't always smooth sailing and isn't, as many of you know, always cut & dry! Life is, at times, rather difficult and requires decisions that are not always easy. We have always stood beside Sam {and her parents  ~ Deb & Dave} and one of those areas has been in caring for Saylah whenever necessary. I think it is a selfless act on Sam's part to let her come stay with us when necessary as I know it's such tough decision!

All this being said, I was thinking alot about Saylah's middle name: GRACE...thinking and reflecting what it has come to mean in my world specifically because of HER! GRACE is bestowed to me on a daily basis even when I don't deserve it! Saylah exudes GRACE! She's such a content and easy going little girl ~  and goes through life effortlessly with such GRACE. So unusual for somebody her young age. BUT she does it! I love when she is at our home because it causes me to SLOW DOWN and reflect on what really matters. She is 21 months old and full of joy and happiness!

I looked up the word GRACE and here are somethings the dictionary says:
* approval or favor
*charming attractive trait
*a short prayer
*quality or state of being considerate or thoughtful

The word SAYLAH {spelled Selah in the Bible} means:
* to pause and think about calmly
*to reflect

Sam & Saylah ~ May 2012

I just wanted Samantha to know how honored we are to care for this most precious girl whenever & however we are able. Saylah is the rare and extraordinary little girl because of the beautiful job her mommy  has done in raising her. We just took Saylah with us to Utah for a whirlwind trip and everyone in Jim's family could not get over how great she was. She's not a fussy baby at all and is easily contented and entertained. She has such sweet little manners...loves to say "pease" {please} & "tankd you" {thank you!}. It's so funny if SHE sneezes and I don't respond immediately she says..." Nana, bless me". Doesn't that just melt your heart? She is not my granddaughter by blood however she is my  CHOSEN granddaughter! God has given me such a love for that little girl and I'm very grateful for the relationship we do have!

 My friend SuLee stated in one of her blogposts that we can never have too many people to love and I couldn't agree more!!! This world we live in can be a difficult one and I do know that we are here to help one another and love one another!

Saylah & Nana at our favorite Chaps!


One of my most favorite things is when Saylah says..."hand...hand..." 

I think that's just perfect!!!
Saylah loving on her Baby Girl

Bye for now...
Michele xoxo

The BEVERLY HILLBILLIES have been spotted...



WE LAUGHED SO HARD!!! Once the truck was all loaded and ready to go, Jim said the only thing missing a rocking chair on top of our load and the sound of banjo's playing in the background!!!

We made a quick trip to Utah last weekend to see Jim's mom, sister, brother in law & 2 nieces. Jim wanted to take this Simplicity tractor to his bro in law that was Grandpa's... so that and all its accessories plus our baggage...we ended up with a large load that let me tell you got some looks as we traveled the highways of Washington, Idaho, Montana & finally Utah!!!

We were taking care of Saylah at this time so I was a bit nervous about 11-12 hours traveling with a 20 month old HOWEVER I was PLEASANTLY surprised!!! SHE IS A GREAT LITTLE TRAVELER ~ I'm pretty sure I whined and/or complained much more than she did! :)

We left our house at 9:30 a.m. on 8/9 and had a couple appointments & errands in Spokane. Officially got ON THE ROAD at NOON!!! We rolled into my mother in laws driveway at 2:00 a.m. on 8/10. Mind you we did loose an hour with the time change but all in all felt pretty good about our travel time. We probably stopped somewhat more often with a little one but I think it made for more fun!!!

 Did alot of this...

{fyi - cheetos on the road - not such a grand idea}
and this...
{thankful for Nats laptop & a Chuggington dvd}

We had lunch at Fudruckers! A family favorite! 
Saylah agrees with me! We wish there was a Fudruckers in Spokane!!!

This lasted for about another hour and THEN SAYLAH SAID...NANA...NANA...
I love that she likes to try on and wear my jewelry!!! Such a little princess!!!

We enjoyed our whirlwind weekend in Utah and managed to pack alot of FUN into just a couple of days!!!
Jim's sister Shannon and her husband Frank have a beautiful home and we had a great evening being together with them.
Beautiful antiques & wonderful collections!

Saylah adored the HORSES that were behind Shannon & Frank's house and had the best time playing on the slide they bought just for her to have!!!
Natalie loved being able to see her cousin Allison!

We spent a few hours at the Farmers Market in Salt Lake City and let me tell you it was a fantastic one!

First stop before the market was this yummy German bakery...
Saylah was quite enthralled with all the baked goods too! :)

Off to the FARMERS MARKET...
We had a delicious lunch here after we were done at the Farmers Market!

Saylah & I passed out back at Grandma Lynda's after our big day in Salt Lake!

Time to head home...
X-Large drinks from MAVERICK will help I'm quite sure...

We weren't on the road but 10 minutes and little Sugar Pie fell sound asleep...
Once again, just like the trip there, Saylah did so well going home!

Last big stop was in Missoula, Mt. for dindin and we went to Hoagieville...
OH MY SOUL!!! I have a new favorite place...but we don't have one in Spokane either!!! Probably a good thing...RIGHT?!?!?
There was outdoor seating which was nice so we could let Saylah run around a bit and of course Jim said we could eat there because they serve COKE!!! You know how everything is always BETTER with COKE in the CRAFT family!!!

Load 'em back up...

We weren't the Beverly Hillbillies going home just had the truck loaded up well from a few fun finds we got while visiting in Utah...

Sure had a wonderful weekend and can't wait to go back to Utah again!!!

Let me know if any of you spot the Beverly Hillbillies on the road this fine summer...