Wednesday, December 28, 2011

3rd Friday Lunch with a friend...

My dear friend Pam and I meet on the 3rd Friday of each month for lunch and wonderful fellowship! We started this 3 months ago as we kept intending to get together and it somehow just never happened! Life just can get so busy and we both decided we needed to do something about that! It has been {and I know it will continue to be} a very uplifting and refreshing part of my month that I look forward to with excitement!

For the month of December we spent a simply delightful afternoon at the Davenport Hotel in downtown Spokane! I believe this could be possibly one of the best kept secrets in this city! {Now it's not a secret anymore...} The prices of lunch are super reasonable and it was so beautifully decorated for this Christmas season.There was also a Gingerbread House Display/Contest going on that same week! AMAZING & AWESOME to say the least! We both enjoyed walking around the Davenport and looking at the pictures and history of this magnificent landmark in Spokane!

We started our day with lunch at the Safari perfect! I love anything and everything animal print!!! Just sayin' I felt right at home!!! We both had a reuben sandwich and a delicious mini dessert! Our waitress asked us if we were sweet...and actually that happened to us last month while at Red Robin! We told her no however very dearest friends. She asked how we met and we told her about that and as she brought back our dessert she said you girls look like you share a Jonathan and David {from the Bible} friendship! SO VERY TRUE!!! Warmed this girls heart!

Now over to the main Davenport Hotel to look at the Gingerbread House Display and all the very pretty Christmas decorations...

The Gingerbread Display was beyond fantastic!
Camping and outdoor theme...way cool man!

Around the World in Eighty Days!
even the Seattle Space Needle...very cool!!!

Have you ever seen such amazing gingerbread houses???

Such a perfect day with my friend!
Can't wait to see where we go next month!!!

This next picture is for you frienny...

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Morning 2011...

No matter the age of the girls...SANTA still makes a stop at our home!

Lauren...beautiful angel wings on a vintage dress form {she LOVED this}
and a Wax Machine for when she graduates from Paul Mitchell
and starts working
Lauren sees the benefit of still believing in SANTA... :)

Natalie also still BELIEVES! She got an amp and sub-woofer for her car!
She was one happy girl!

Then we do our stockings...

Even Bailey {our dog} & Mandy {my moms dog} got a stocking with dog treats!

After stockings we have Christmas morning brunch...always have these 2 favorites...
Sausage Rolls! YUMMY!!!

Cinnamon Rolls!!!

Onto opening Christmas presents...

We had a very fun relaxing Christmas Day! We stayed in our jammies and ate lots of yummy food and watched new movies that everyone got for gifts and just enjoyed being together. Also played some more Farkle...our family is surely hooked on that game now! Hope everyone also had a wonderful Christmas!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

MEMORIES that fill the CHRISTMAS season...

The ornaments on this small tree are some of my most cherished and favorite. About 34 years ago my sweet sister and I painted these. Laura was 7 and I was 10 at the time. Our dear friends Gary and Ginny Evans made these ceramic ornaments and then had Laura and I come and spend the night and paint these for gifts for our parents. After my sister passed away in 1988, my mom asked me if I wanted to have these most special ornaments! Of course I did! Some you can definitely tell our young ages by the paint job and although to most people they aren't that wonderful and pretty, to me they are the most beautiful ornaments and among my most treasured Christmas decorations!

 I love everything about Christmas...the traditions, glitter and lights, magical memories, family and friends and most of all remembering the TRUE reason for this wonderful Christmas season...

I sure wish all of you {my family and friends} a very