Thursday, April 26, 2012


Two of the best days...the day this sweet man was born into the world 73 years ago and then 12 years ago when our family met this dear man and his wonderful wife. They adopted our family as their own!!! Our lives have been so enriched and blessed beyond words!!!

The first day we went to their home for Sunday afternoon dinner, Natalie who was 4 at the time climbed up in Al's lap and asked if she could call him Grandpa!!! That is how it all began!!! 

Just a few things I LOVE ABOUT GRANDPA AL ...

~ he loves me unconditionally and has been there for me countless times
~ he is fiercely protective of me
~ our lunch dates at Burger King enjoying a whopper :)
~ his yummy home grown tomatoes...which are absolutely like candy to me
~ learning to garden 
~ canning HUNDREDS of quarts of green beans {those were GOOD TIMES}
~ spending holidays and birthdays together
~ always feeling "at home" at their home
~ his love for all his grandkids which include my 3
~ the fact that he & Jim built every single square inch of our basement & garage
~ he comes immediately when called upon
~ the way he loves the Lord!
~ the example he has been in his 53 + yr marriage to Grammy Pat
~ he's like a big kid when it comes to Christmas & gift giving
~ he's just steady and rock solid!!!

One of my most favorite phone messages I have saved is one from Grandpa Al and it goes like this...
"It's just your Daddy calling to see how my baby girl is doing and wondering if we can have lunch soon..." Do you see why I just adore Grandpa Al?

We just actually got home from dinner at their home and I have a feeling this might not surprise any of you what his favorite meal is...
Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes & Green Beans...YUMMY!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

an Ava Grace sleepover...

Last Friday night I had the privilege of having sweet Ava come to my home for a girlie slumber party!!!  My oh my did we ever party!!! YES INDEEDY!!!

Ava is the daughter of Dena {co-owner of Roost where 3 Craft Chicks have spaces} and she is simply the sweetest most delightful 8 year old!!! We were having a BIG sale at Roost starting the next day so that was the only bummer because we got to my house alittle later than I expected and we left earlier on Sat morning than I would have liked! Don't you worry though we crammed ALOT into those few short hours!!!

She was so excited to ride in Junebug...she said she had not ever been in a "slugbug" before!!!

We stopped at Walmart on the way home to get a t shirt and iron-on alphabet that Nat needed for a shirt to work at Funky Junk! Ava actually had the bright idea of how we could accomplish this for Nat. It was too late that evening to go a buy a SECURITY shirt so Ava is one who thought of iron-ons...YOU GO AVA!!! While we were at Walmart we just HAPPENED to go down the candy and snack aisle!!! What's a slumber party without candy right???

Pizza for din din...Ava got her very own CHEESE pizza!!! :)

After dinner Lauren gave Ava a manicure & a pedicure! She let her choose her colors!!!

Lauren is the BEST! {just sayin'} She's in the process of finishing up her last month at Paul Mitchell School which she is cramming into 2 weeks! So she's exhausted every night yet she made Ava feel like a princess and took her time with her salon services. I know I'm her mama but I couldn't help feeling pride at what an incredible woman she is!!! :)

Lovely lime green fingers! 

Totally turquoise toes!!! 2 of my favorite colors!!! {She wanted her toes to match that}

To say Ava LOVED our dogs is an understatement!!! SHE LOVED LOVED LOVED the dogs!!! We have Bailey and then Mandy Ann is my moms doxie that is staying with us while moms on vacation!!! Both dogs absolutely adored was so sweet!!!

After the mani & pedi, it was craft time! While at Walmart we bought this Weaving Loom set and boy does that take me back to childhood days!!! How bout you? These are so much fun and Ava started one and did a great job...

This was our favorite picture...our feet & Baileys paw...maybe I should paint Baileys toes turquoise??? Do you think HE would mind??? heehee!!!

Time for the "slumber" part of our night in the PINK room...

I read Ava one of my favorite friend Shara gave me this just for the PINK's perfect!!!

Mandy wanted to be read to also!!! Notice the "bling bling" on her collar...she fits right in the PINK room just right!!!

Part Time Dog is also a DOXIE!!! Love that!!! 
Love this page...this is for MY MOM...Mandy has a little somethin' somethin' in common with Part Time Dog...if ya know what I mean! :)

Lights's time for...GLOW STICKS!!!
This was one of MY favorite parts!!! We laid in bed and made all kinds of pretty twirly motions with our glows sticks and then talked about all the things we will do next Ava comes to my home to stay!!! 


Sunday, April 8, 2012

a VIP'S kind of Easter...

Easter ~ 1976

Every Saturday at 9 am SHARP our Poppy came and picked up my sister and me for breakfast. We would go to VIP'S in Nisqually, WA not very far from our hometown of DuPont. This particular year we colored Easter pictures the week before and imagine my delight when my mom said VIP'S called and said I won the contest!!! The GRAND prize was this GIANT purple Easter bunny!!! I do remember how I loved that silly thing!!!

When I look at this picture it makes me our sweet little outfits, love the 1970's vehicles in the background and I especially love that I can remember how fun that particular Saturday morning with Poppy was!!!

Saturday Mornings + VIP'S + POPPY =  cherished memories!!!

Congratulations Lauren!!!

Our sweet Lauren Marissa graduated from Paul Mitchell Cosmetology School this past Friday evening. We are so proud of her and all her hard work!!! It's been a long year however all her time and effort has paid off. She still has 17 days left of school hours due to time she missed after her car accident but she's soooo excited to have the end in site!!!

Lauren & her good friend Katie who also graduated this same night!!!

Lauren was very blessed to have friends & family come to graduation. In fact when our friend Deb Bishop came into the ceremony the girl seating guests commented that " Lauren Craft sure has a large family!"  
So glad Jim made it in time for graduation too! He had been out of town on business and his flight got in at 5:45 pm and L's graduation started at 6:00 pm. It was killing him that he would probably miss it. I got a text from Jim at 5:53 and he said he was only a few minutes away!!! His flight got in 15 min. early and he made sure his seat on the plane would be let off the first. He had left his truck at the airport so....he did make it! I loved Lauren's expression when she looked out and saw HER DAD!!! He is such a great father and his girls sure do love him like crazy!!! 

Lauren with our good friends, Pat & Mary Savage. Lauren is best friends with their daughter Amanda and they have been there for Lauren through so much of her life. They live only 5 minutes from the school so we had our celebration at their home afterwards. Sure did appreciate them allowing us to do that!!!

Had cupcakes from Love @ First Bite bakery. They were YUMMY!!!

Mary's SPECIAL cookies!!! Lauren always wonders what her secret is...I might not know what her secret is but I do know they are THE BEST EVER!!!

Cousin Dylan & Laurens Grammy

the youngest guest at graduation ~ baby Jemi ~

Grammy Pat & Grandpa Al with the graduate!!! We sure love them to pieces!!!

Lauren & her Grammy happy my mom could be there. I know I say this often...however I can't say it enough...we LOVE having my mom live here in Spokane!!!

Deb & Dave Bishop ~ our dear family friends!!! Meant so much to have them there for Lauren's big night!!!

Again, we are so very proud of our girl and are so excited to see what the future holds and just where this wonderful hairstylist will end up working!!!