Sunday, April 8, 2012

a VIP'S kind of Easter...

Easter ~ 1976

Every Saturday at 9 am SHARP our Poppy came and picked up my sister and me for breakfast. We would go to VIP'S in Nisqually, WA not very far from our hometown of DuPont. This particular year we colored Easter pictures the week before and imagine my delight when my mom said VIP'S called and said I won the contest!!! The GRAND prize was this GIANT purple Easter bunny!!! I do remember how I loved that silly thing!!!

When I look at this picture it makes me our sweet little outfits, love the 1970's vehicles in the background and I especially love that I can remember how fun that particular Saturday morning with Poppy was!!!

Saturday Mornings + VIP'S + POPPY =  cherished memories!!!


  1. LOOK how CUTE you three are! I love this story! You won the contest naturally because you have always been "crafty"! Love it all and you! Happy late easter! -Jennifer