Sunday, March 25, 2012

Keeping my blog readers in the know...

Roost {the store where 3 Craft Chicks has spaces} has a blog you may enjoy reading. You can find that here

Roost is home to over 5,000 square feet of wonderful vintage home items. There are several vendors, in addition to owners Dena & Joy, that have fabulous repurposed and unique finds.

Come by Roost
W. 7 Main Ave (on the corner of Division & Main)
Spokane WA

Hours are: Monday - Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Sunday 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy Birthay dear Grammy Pat!!!

Today is our sweet friend, Pat Nave's 70th birthday!!! She is Grammy Pat to our whole family and we ALL just love her to pieces!!! We met the Nave's over 12 years ago when we moved to Spokane and Jim was stationed at Fairchild Air Force Base. We went to the same church...Airway Heights Baptist Church.

When we began attending that church we had decided we would "lay low" and not get involved as Jim had just returned from a year long remote assignment and we just wanted to be together as a family. Shortly thereafter 2 men came to visit us from the church and to get to know us.  Of course before they came Jim and I talked again about not getting involved and such. Al Nave and Carl Whitely were the 2 that came and they both are such endearing, sweet men. While they were there I excused myself to help Natalie finish up her bath. When I came back into the living room, Al said "So I hear you play the piano and organ?"...I replied "yes sir" while I'm sure giving Jim the death glare!!! He said his wife played the piano and he would introduce us the following Sunday.  That's how it all began! We would meet at the church during the week to practice and I really enjoyed her. She invited our family over to Sunday Dinner {kind of a lost art} and when we were done eating, Nat climbed up in Al's lap and asked if she could call him Grandpa. He said YES immediately and told Lauren and Tyler they could also and they could call Pat ~ Grammy Pat!!! I love remembering that day!!!

Grammy Pat and I have so much fun together and enjoy so many of the same hobbies. We have spent countless hours stamping and scrapbooking. She taught me how to can ~ it was a family affair ~ that we all remember fondly. Picking green beans from Grandpa's garden, snapping green beans then finally canning!!! My kids are quite certain that Grammy Pat knows everything and can fix anything. Many of you remember the time Lauren's prom dress did not fit like it had in the store and she did not realize this until 2 hours before prom. I told her an idea I had to fix it and she looked at me quite horrified & SOBBING and said "Do you think you are a seamstress?" {You can probably tell from that I'M NOT} She then said..." I WANT TO CALL GRAMMY PAT...SHE'LL KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!"  We called and she told us to come right down ~ they live only a few miles from us. GUESS WHAT??? SHE FIXED IT!!! Grammy Pat {once again} saved the day!!!

The Nave's have been there for the Craft family no matter what ~ no matter the hour ~ no matter the circumstance!!! They are the BEST and you see why I wanted to wish this very special lady the most wonderful birthday ever!

I apologized to Jim for giving him the "death glare" because as you can tell that was one of the best things he ever did.  I'm so thankful for meeting the Nave's and becoming part of their family!!!

Happy Happy Birthday to our dearest Grammy Pat!!!
We LOVE you!!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

For me you'll always be 18...


Today ~ March 22nd would have been my sisters birthday!!! Laura was 18 when she was killed in a car accident and that was almost 24 years ago. She would have been 42 today!!! I can't really wrap my brain around that fact. Whatever age someone is when they leave this earth is forever how you remember them. At least I do. It's hard to imagine what would have been...Would she have married?...Would I have had the privilege of being an aunt?...We would have gone through life's trials & triumphs TOGETHER ~ as SISTERS. The longing and ache for what might have been I don't think ever goes away. The longing and ache for what you knew to be I KNOW never goes away. I think of Laura Jennifer Miller everyday and I'm so blessed beyond measure that she was my sister.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring has sprung...

Yesterday was the first day of was snowing, hailing & raining in Spokane. It still was, in fact the first day of spring!!! 3 Craft Chicks is decorated and ready for spring so any day now is perfectly fine with me. I love spring...the newness...the freshness...the pastel colors...the longer days...that's one of my favorites!!!

Stop by Roost and see our 3 Craft Chicks SPRING set up!!!

Book garland with spring colored tissue paper ~ would look so pretty on a mantle or decorating an Easter dinner table...

So many pretties in this display ~ beautiful shoes, perfect chippy farm table and chair, vintage canisters and a gorgeous quilt that has all my favorite colors...turquoise, pink, lime green and yellow!

This set of pastel Pyrex mixing bowls is simply heavenly!!!

I heart these pretty polka dot lime green heels!!! 
they were in my size!!! 
Do you think if I wish hard enough it would help?

Do you think if I wish hard enough the weather outside would be "springlike"?

I'm going to try and I'll be sure to letcha know how that worked for me!!!

p.s. be sure to hop over to our 3 Craft Chicks facebook page and "like" us!!! :)

Monday, March 19, 2012

the STORY of the AWNINGS

Many of you probably recognize the wonderful awnings that we just placed in our spaces at Roost. I wanted to share the fun story of how we acquired them from Serena Thompson of Farm Chicks!

Last fall I remember seeing an ad on Craig's List for these wonderful awnings and wished I had a use for such magnificence & sweetness!!! She used the awnings on the outside of the building that held her Farm Chicks store at one point in time.

Well, as it happens, in January I did see a use for those sweetest awnings. So I emailed Serena and told her I knew it was a far fetched question ~ HAD THOSE AWNINGS SHE HAD FOR SALE ON CRAIG'S LIST SOLD?  I waited patiently for her response...NOT!!! {I'll readily admit I'm not always that patient}

She wrote back and said YES THEY WERE STILL AVAILABLE!!! She also said her husband would be so very grateful to whomever bought them because they were taking up room in their garage! :) With just starting my new business of 3 Craft Chicks I knew the budget may not allow for the awnings. Serena graciously allowed me to make payments! {That was so sweet of her}

I still had payments left when one day my sweetie told me he got alittle bonus at work and did I want to pay off my awnings and pick them up and get them up in Roost!!! OF COURSE I SAID YES!!!

We picked up the awnings and I was so beyond excited! They were even better than I had anticipated! I love when that happens!!! There are 7!!! YES I SAID 7!!! One very large one that Dena and Joy allowed us to hang in the main area of Roost to "cozy" it up and so far "we" {yes that means JIM} have 2 in our 3 Craft Chicks spaces. They are such a brilliant red and white and just gorgeous!!!

THANK YOU AGAIN to Serena for working with me on this whole purchase and
THANK YOU to my husband Jim for installing them!!!

p.s. I emailed Serena after we picked them up and asked if her hubby was glad to have them out of the garage. She wrote back and said YES and that she had not told him they were being picked up that particular day so he was very pleasantly surprised when she took him into their garage! This worked out VERY WELL for all involved!!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Scrabble, Scrabble & more Scrabble...

Here's the rest of the story...I finally sorted and counted that huge lot of scrabble tiles my sweetie got me for Valentines.

Drum roll please...the grand total is 1,305!!!

I'm so excited as I use the tiles for so many projects for 3 Craft Chicks!!!

This past week 2 people gave me {vintage} Scrabble games they found at estate sales.
I'm sure one Lucky Duck!!!

The older the better as far as I'm concerned ~ both of these are circa 1948

Some would say you can never have too many shoes or purses ~ I guess in my case I can never have too many
SCRABBLE games or tiles!!!

{amazing} AWNINGS

So excited about our latest addition to 3 Craft Chicks. We bought these simply amazing awnings and they just make our spaces at Roost look complete!

I love the vibrant red and white stripe ~ just makes me HAPPY!!!

~ Over the door to Little Peeps Lane ~

~ Makes it look so inviting to 3 Craft Chicks area upstairs at Roost ~

 Had an extra large awning so Roost is using out in the main part of the store
Just love how that one looks!!!

Sometimes it can be simple changes that add so much to our spaces and I am especially happy with these new additions. 

I can't help but SMILE whenever I look at these AMAZING AWNINGS!!!

Want to thank my sweet husband Jim for hanging the awnings! I just don't know what I would do without him!!!

Saturday, March 10, 2012


I remember the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE of my sister and I love watching the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE between my girls in action! Lauren is almost 20 and Natalie is almost 17 and the bond these two have is like no other. You don't want to mess with one or the other as they are fiercely protective of each other. I love seeing this and is comforting to me to know the love they share for one another. They don't always see eye to eye yet they love each other and most importantly accept each other for who they are. My sweet sister passed away 23 years ago and I miss her everyday. I'm so thankful for the bond and relationship we had while she was here on this earth. I don't know why I was thinking of that especially this last week ~ just was I guess as I watched Lauren and Natalie together! I'm glad they have each other!!!

It was so sweet to me yesterday to read Lauren's facebook status...she said she was going to spend the evening with her best friend who happened to be her sister...they went to a Spokane Chiefs hockey game and had a blast!!!

My girls are phenomenal people and I am so proud to be their MAMA!!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Little Sugar pie

Sharing some sweet pictures of Saylah over the past couple months...

I just LOVE the twinkle in her big brown eyes when she smiles!!!

Lala loving on her after bathtime! So sweet!!!

Saylah LOVES to wear Natnat's hats!!!

Saylah keeps a tight grip on Nat if she's around!!! Love to watch these 2!

baby giggles are the BEST!!!

After brunch at my mom's, Saylah was tuckered and went and laid down on Nat's big bear!

Don't those brown eyes just melt your heart??? Sure does mine!!!

And she sleeps!!!

Singing and playing the piano with Papa ~ did you read my blog post where he LET her have cheerios at the piano??? I can't believe that man!!!

Playing the piano with Nat!!!

hands and
SWEET baby tootsies!!!

Again I say...ADOPTION is GRAND...
Thank you Samantha for allowing us such special moments with your baby girl! 

Fabulous Finds for 3 Craft Chicks

I just cannot believe how fast things are moving and changing for 3 Craft Chicks at Roost! This past Sunday, Jim and I went to a couple estate sales and found some great treasures to put in our space. Sometimes it is especially difficult to put a price tag on things as I just "LOVE IT".  I did put a tag on these because I just know someone out there will  "LOVE IT" as much or MORE than I do!!!

a circa 1960's Suzy Homemaker deluxe stove...
 Can you believe this??? I just love this little jewel and can only imagine back in the late 60's and early 70's the little girls that had this on their Santa list. It's so darling and would love great in any vintage/retro style kitchen!!!

Next is this "Glam" Hamper...
This is absolutely fabulous!

You know where to go to see these gems and many more!!!
W. 7 Main St.
Spokane WA
Hours ~ Monday through Saturday 10 am - 6 pm
Sunday 11 am - 4pm

P.S. THE REST OF THE STORY...Suzy SOLD!!! I wrote this blog and by the time I posted this little blast from the past SOLD!
 I'm so happy for the proud owner!!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


My friend Jean ~ where do I begin ~ I knew her as a little girl then we moved to Pennsylvania when I was 9 but then moved back to Tacoma, Washington when I was 16.  My sister Laura and I spent countless hours at Olson's home...we were always welcome there. We would stay overnight if our parents were out of town, Jean took us shopping, taught us both how to drive a car :), would watch movies and visit for hours with us, cooked with us, was my wedding planner and the list could on & on. 

 Most importantly I KNOW she prayed for me. 

I admired her and always looked up to her. I've always just loved the way she is steady and true. She is the wife to Jim Olson and the mother to 3 wonderful boys {now grown men with children of their own}. She has 3 beautiful daughter in laws which I know make her so happy! She is a VERY proud grandma too!!!

She went through the tremendous loss of my sweet sister and was always there for me as I journeyed through that most difficult time.

Jean taught me how to make Chicken Divan ~ something my husband Jim is grateful for!!!

I love that Jean loves Christmas as much as I do ~ I bought my very first Santa when shopping with her! Now almost 25 years later I have lots but that first one is extra special to me. She bought herself one too! Jean loves to entertain and enjoys decorating her home ~ I love that about her!

I remember after I gave birth to Tyler {almost 24 years ago} and was in the recovery room and couldn't see anybody {I was at a military hospital and they didn't allow anyone except your spouse in} I heard Jean's voice at the nurses station and they weren't going to let her come back to me. I called the nurse and said "PLEASE" ~ she's like my family and I need to see her! :) They let her come back to see me!

I haven't seen Jean much over the last several years since we moved to Spokane however we always just pick up where we left off and I know she's always there for me. After my mom's ovarian cancer surgery almost 4 yrs. ago who do you think came to the hospital to visit me??? JEAN OLSON! Just a few months ago I emailed Jean and asked her to pray with me about something weighing heavy on my heart ~ she sent back a message that said "ON IT"! I love that about her!

She is so constant and true blue!

I just called Jean and ya know another thing I love??? She still has the same phone number she has had for over 30 years and I still remembered it in my head! I love that she answered and she sounds the same...she was just getting ready for Bible study at her home so I'm going to call her back in about an hour...

tell her HOW MUCH I LOVE HER!!!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Only grandchildren...

Do you see what I see? Jim and Saylah playing the piano AND Saylah has her cheerios AT THE PIANO! I couldn't believe's ALWAYS been a steadfast rule that there is NEVER any food or drink AT THE PIANO! I have played the piano for 39 years :) and that was always the rule growing up and Jim and I had the same rule with our household the past 25 years! So you can imagine how funny this was to me...he told me that "she just wanted  her cheerios so he gave them to her"...THAT'S ALL!!!


Little Peeps its very own room

Last week 3 Craft Chicks added Little Peeps Lane to our space and within just a few short days realized it would be better it was in its own area. So we moved things around, redecorated and now this is Little Peeps Lane...

We have a nice variety of baby & childrens clothing, shoes and accessories!

Something for everyone ~ Jones New York jean jacket that is too darn cute!

Building up items for older peeps too!!!

Darling clothes for your little cowboy too!

This is one of my favorites! Boutique outfit in 2T ~ top, skirt & hat!

Thank Heaven for Little Boys!!! True that!!!

Be sure to come visit us at Roost real soon!