Monday, August 29, 2011

Buggy Barn Quilt Show - Day 2

I just HAD to go back to the wonderful Buggy Barn Quilt Show! I took my nicer camera and took lots more pictures and just looked and looked and looked! I also saw a row of quilts on a fence I had totally missed the day before. On Saturday of the show there were several hundred people there while I was there so that would explain how I missed a quilt or 2 or should I say 25-30 quilts! There was also a Vintage & Antique Show going on at the same time on the hillside of the magnificent farm! My favorite booth was Two Women Antiques and if you missed them at the quilt show you can find them at the Funky Junk Show in Sandpoint, Idaho this coming weekend! Look that up on and be prepared to be awed and amazed at what is to come at that event!  I went last year and it is just over the top and loads of fun! So here are some more pictures for your enjoyment and make sure to go the Buggy Barn Quilt Show next year! And the year after! And the year after that...well you get the hint!

Just a few fun filled facts... 
- each quilt is taken down at night & put back up in the morn -
- there were 300+ quilts on display - 
- a women was there all the way from France for the show - 
- for all you Zag fans there was a spectacular Gonzaga quilt -
- each and every person I encountered was so sweet  -

Counting the days until next year's Buggy Barn Quilt Show!


Sunday, August 28, 2011


Buggy Barn Quilt Show...
I wasn't sure how to begin my blog so I decided to share today's fun filled day! This morning my mama (JonElla), my friend Pat Nave (Grammy Pat) and I drove down to Reardan! A whole 15 minutes from my home! What awaited us there was the most amazing beautiful quilt show and shopping at some wonderful vendors! All set out in the country on a breath taking farm! This quilt show is VERY famous and women come from ALL over to attend! I can certainly see why! There are sooooo many quilts hanging on lines outside, tacked on the side of the barns, hanging from a tree, laying over the and amazing creativity is what I saw. I am so glad I brought my camera! Grammy Pat is a quilter and although I am not YET I loved oohing and ahhing over every single one of them. My mom is not a quilter either however had a blast just looking and hanging out together for a few hours on a Saturday!

This is one of my favorites! Ol' Glory quilted to look like she's waving in the breeze!

Beautiful abc sampler

Everything's better with COKE!

These were very interesting and unusual. Painted scenes with stories journaled on them.

Lots of very intricate design!

An all time favorite of mine! 

More amazing quilts!!!!

These pictures are just the tip of the iceberg, however an iceberg would have melted in the heat! After the quilt show we went to lunch at Dean's Drive-In also in Reardan! YUMMY way to end a simply perfect day!

P.S. Barbara Jordan you have to come out from Georgia to this spectacular event!