Thursday, January 2, 2014

It's GRANDStime (no, it's not about biscuits)

This past week I had a little gathering for my grandchildren. I refer to them as my GRANDS so it seemed fitting to call it "GRANDStime"...when I sent a message regarding this to my daughter in law, Mrs. Natalie she happened to be skypeing with Tyler and she asked him why I would be having a get together about biscuits. He reminded her that I call my grandchildren "GRANDS" ... we have had a good laugh about that.

The girls arrived and played together, we made a craft project (reindeer ornaments for my tree), each made our own pizza and played some more. I also wanted the girls to come over to see my Christmas decorations. 

Aly & Mia both told me right away how absolutely beautiful the decorations were and they LOVED
that the Christmas tree spins around! :)
{{{Both girls after this Nana's own heart!!!}}}

I love their pretty matching Gymboree dalmatian outfits!!!
Precious baby Liza ~
Aly & Mia enjoyed another Craft favorite for an appetizer ~ Chili dip! YUM!!!

Making ornaments for Nana's tree ~
That's my girls ~ adding Washi tape to reindeer!
Love these 3 little darlings!!!
Saylah had so excited and had so much fun being {as she said} a pizza cooker with Mia & Aly!!!

My favorite part was when Mia said she would like to have macaroni & marshmallows on her pizza... we figured out she meant peppersoni & mushrooms!!!

Granddad had the best time too at GRANDStime!!!

I will say we do love GRANDS biscuits in the Craft home...
We love GRANDStime a million times more!!!

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