Saturday, January 21, 2012

My life is revolving around 3 Craft Chicks right now...

and I must say I LOVE IT!!! I wake up thinking about it and what I'm going to make that day or how I can make our space better and then as I lay my head down on my pillow {at whatever time it may be} I'm again thinking of all those same things... 

My daughter must do the same thing because I got a text from her the other night at 12:30 A>M> saying she had thought of cool slogan for Roost. I shared it with Dena and she loved it! I'll share that in a later post. Natalie is a tremendous help and part of  3 Craft Chicks. She is the best "picker"...last Sunday I got a phone call from her and she was at the thrift store and she found a game I was looking for and some very old golden books. When she brought them to me I was again pleasantly surprised at the books! She definitely knows exactly what to look for in an item!!! Tomarrow she will go with her dad and I to Roost and unload some more goods and help me situate my space some more. I just love having her so involved in all this!

This week I'm making Valentine gifts. It's one of my favorite holidays, in fact it is my daughter Lauren's most favorite! Even over Christmas! Lauren is going to Paul Mitchell Cosmetology School however in her spare time helps me make and craft some of the paper items we sell. She's so talented and again I'm just thankful for her added help and creativity!!!

I know I'm their mom...MY GIRLS ROCK! {just sayin'}

Here's a sample of a couple things I've made this week...

Scrabble tiles and burlap are the "HOT" thing right now so mixing the 2 is a sure win! {I hope}

I made this one for Dena and Joy ~ co owners of Roost

Thanks for all your support as we venturing into new territory...
scary yet oh so very exciting!!!

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  1. Wow I had no idea you did this! You rock girl! I'm really excited to check it out :) Doig crafty things gets me all giddy like a kid with candy! Haha I'm dying over those valentine gifts! Soooo amazing!