Tuesday, January 3, 2012

we are F*A*M*I*L*Y*

Last night {01/02/12} we celebrated Christmas with Grandpa Al & Grammy Pat. We have spent Christmas Day with them the past 11 years and really missed them this year as they had travelled to Guam to visit their son Mike. I'm so glad for him that they did that however let me tell you we sure did miss them back home!

I'm going to tell you the story of how our little Craft family came to be part of the Nave family! We moved to Spokane in 1999 when Jim was stationed at Fairchild Air Force Base. I'll be honest...I didn't like it at first! We just figured we would "do our time" then Jim would retire and we would head back to other side of the state and settle back in with our routine with family and friends. In fact when we first visited Airway Heights Baptist Church, I didn't really talk to anyone. Just went to church and went home! {Just alittle clue...that doesn't help when feeling lonesome} I would be sad and crying to my mom and then she came to visit our first Christmas here and when we went to church she told me that "scooting" right out before anyone could even say hello was not a way I could cure my lonesomeness! {Mom usually know best} She also asked me if they knew I played the piano...I said no they didn't...because remember I just wanted to do my time here! :) A couple weeks after my mom left we got a visit from 2 {sweet} men in the church. Just wanting to call on us and make us feel welcome. I was giving Nat a bath at the time so I excused myself to go help her with that and when I came back into the living room...Al Nave said to me..."So you play the piano and organ?"...I looked {maybe glared would be the right word} at Jim...anyway he said no pressure just would love to have you minister in that area at the church and his wife Pat played the piano so it would be a way to get acquainted.  Well, that next Sunday I went up and met Pat and we started meeting at the church during the week to practice...because I did start playing the piano and organ. I'm glad I did! :)

The Nave's had our family over for dinner about a month after meeting us and we just had the best time. After dinner, Al was sitting in his chair and Natalie {4 yrs. old at the time} climbed up in his lap and asked if she could call him "GRANDPA"! It surprised me because that was not like Nat! He said of course she, Lauren and Tyler could call him Grandpa Al and they could call Pat, Grammy Pat! That is the day it all began. I will say they truly have treated us like family. We have been through soooooo many life experiences over the past 12 years and I don't know what I would do without them.

Another marvelous aspect to our relationship is that my mom just absolutely adores them both and was always so happy that we now had family over here in Spokane. That's also why 3 years ago my mom realized we would not be coming back to the other side of the state...this was our HOME...so she when she retired she moved over here to be with us! {LOVE THAT}

 JonElla (my mom), Grandpa Al and Grammy Pat
These 3 hold the most special spot in my HEART!

For Christmas I made them a banner...F A M I L Y...how perfect since they are FAMILY to us!

Grandpa Al and Grammy Pat are such sweet and loving folks! We have spent most holidays whether it's Easter or Christmas and I just love that. This year when they were in Guam for Christmas...it felt so strange on Christmas Day. My girls really thought so too! They LOVE their grandparents and just know they are superheroes! Lauren and Nat have always said if they have an emergency they will call Grandpa Al first, 911 second! Seriously! He would get here faster! I'm SURE of it! You don't mess with his family! Nat did call Gr Al one day when a man was in the driveway and she wasn't sure what he was up to and she couldn't reach her dad. Grandpa Al sped over here super fast {they only live about 4 miles from us}and dealt with it. That man tried to turn around in our driveway and got stuck...so Grandpa Al helped him out. Grammy Pat is so talented and helpful. Lauren can vouch on that! A couple years ago Lauren had her prom dress on and for some reason it just didn't fit like in the store and Lauren was an absolute basket case. She was sure she could not go to prom...so Jim and I tried to offer solutions to fix the dress and I had a good idea {I thought} and Lauren just looked at me and through sobbing said "Mom, do you think you're a seamstress now?...I just want to call Grammy Pat!" So we called and she said come right over and guess what? Miracle of all miracles...she fixed it! She happened to have the exact match of fabric to make beautiful straps for the dress and nobody ever knew! She indeed saved the day {night}! There are so many memories shared with them through the years...countless hours at their home, teaching me to can...green beans are the best!, Pat and I stamping and scrapbooking, Grandpa Al and Jim {together} built every square inch of our beautiful basement so we could have our manufactured home put on it, they built a wonderful garage, they have sat many hours with us in the hospital as Jim has had health issues through the years, Grandpa Al has driven me to work when the snow was too much for me, they have always always been there for us whatever - whenever we needed them. Jim and I have been through some deep valleys in our marriage and yes they stuck by us and walked through that with us! Never wavering! 

You can tell how much the Nave's are loved by the Craft's...
for all these reasons and so many more!

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