Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Finally...Farm Chicks 2011 Post!

A real highlight of my summer was the Farm Chicks Show here in my very own city of Spokane! It is the best antique & vintage show and is held every June! My friend Kathy and I had been planning on it for months and then she surprised me with early admission tickets! Even better!  So we met bright and early at 8:00 to get in line with the hundreds of others. I will admit it is overwhelming while at the same time so exciting! It's hard to take it all in! So many cool and wonderful things to look at!

Michele & Kathy...anticipating early admission

This was one of my favorite booth displays. LOVE the metal bed spring canopy! Of course, I went home trying to explain this to my husband! He, of course, looked very confused and I happily showed him a picture! I know he thinks my "visions" and "ideas" are alittle much to handle at times so I thought best to have pictures to back up my ideas this time! Right?

Wonderful vintage linens! Delightful!

Vintage receipt holders...Kathy bought a couple for her daughter Sara who will use them in her photography business! Sara happens to be a fantastic photographer...just a lil' side note! 

Me & Jennifer...1/2 of the Funky Junk Girls
This by far was my most favorite at the show! A vintage car cut in half made into a sweet garden bench! Who'da thunk that up but Jennifer herself! 
Let me just tell you...it was SOOOOOO COOL!  When I told Jim about that he looked at me kinda scared like and did tell me he figured I'd be looking at old vehicles in a whole different way now!!!!! One of these days I'll probably be asking him to get a chainsaw ready as I have found the perfect car for such an idea!

Couldn't agree more!!!
Becky of "All That Glitter" & Kathy
They have been friends since they were kids!

Love these gals! Adrienne and her sweet mom of "Farm to Market". They had a small store just a few minutes from my house until this last spring and I was a frequent shopper there. As was my husband...last Christmas for a surprise Jim went in and asked if there was anything I had my eye on. There of course was! A large red sleigh! Remember I love all things Christmas! He bought it and hid it!It was by the Christmas Tree on Christmas morning spilling with gifts.

The other 1/2 of Funky Junk Girls... sweet Hollie

Thought all these signs were fun! A very popular thing this year... chalkboard on
all kinds of items...old windows, frames, signs, doors...you name it and it can
have chalkboard on it or in it! Love it!

A favorite booth!

Becky & Holly of "All That Glitter"
I have several purchases from them and just absolutely
love all that they do! Probably alittle partial to them
because I am definitely a glitter girl!!!!

This live chicken display was to me the show stopper of all displays!!!
Sweetest thing you ever saw and even sweeter were the little ones
gathered around just gazing at it! This is Elaine Tolson's creation and it was
just magnificent. It was a rusty wired skirt attached to a wire dress form and
in it were lil silkies...a mama & her baby chick!
How perfect...Chicks at the Farm Chicks Show!!!

This is the trunk area of that wonderful vintage car garden bench!
A really great view of my favorite piece! Just in case my beloved needs a visual on what it is I'd like to have someday in my garden! HeeHee!

Quite a difference at the end of the day! Parking lot is empty! All of the literally thousands of shoppers gone home and waiting til next year! WooHoo! I'm so excited, early admission tickets went on sale a couple weeks ago and Kathy & I got ours! Early admission tickets sold out this year within 24 hours! Crazy Fun!

Can't wait till Farm Chicks 2012!

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  1. Great, great pictures - thanks for the sweet mention! Those silkies are thriving and I have added a Mr. for them. :)