Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What's for din din???

I don't know how many of you hear this phrase...I'm sure just as much or more than I do! It never matters how busy the day or what exactly is going on, I still hear the phrase or get the phrase in a text regarding what's for dinner! Sometimes I have no idea and other days it  comes together so easily! Thought I would share some of our favorite meals from time to time and would love if you would leave comments as to what your family favorite for din din is!!! If you are unable to leave a comment on my blog, you can leave it on my facebook! :) I'm not sure why people are having trouble leaving comments on my blog, so I will be checking into that! Our pantry door has a cool vinyl chalkboard on it so sometimes I surprise my family and they don't even have to ask "What's for din din?"  They just look at the board! :) Usually though I will admit I don't have it written on the board! I must like to hear the question!!!! :)

Jim made the ribs and I made the baked mac 'n cheese. I tried a new to me recipe and it was YUMMO!!!

I heart these 2!!!! My favorite part of family din din!!!
Lauren & Natalie

Another family favorite is Chicken Taco's!!!

More often than not when I ask my peeps what they want for din, the reply is Chicken Taco's! YUM!

Of course even better with fresh maters from Grampa Al's garden!

Again, let me know what your fav's are! The other most requested dinner around the Craft household is Chicken Fettuccine made by Jim! It is out of this world! It actually deserves a post all it's own!!!!

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